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Professional Milnrow Flea Treatment

If you are a pet-loving family, then the chances are you have at some time been bitten by a flea. Pets though are not the only cause of flea bites or a flea infestation. Rats, mice, even birds, which have found their way into a house or business premises, maybe enough to start an outbreak requiring professional Milnrow flea treatment. Only the extermination of a professional with give you peace of mind that your inestation will be illiminated, any DIY products is futile.

Flea types and lifecycle:

Cat and dog fleasThe most common types of flea found in the UK are cat and dog fleas. Human fleas, very common 70 years ago, are rarely found these days. There is the risk of disease being passed on by fleas but it is very rare. They are known to pass on tapeworm larvae to dogs and were blamed for the spread of Bubonic Plague (Black Death) in the 14th -17th centuries; passing the infection from rat to flee, and flea to human.

Fleas prefer to live on their host animal, dog, cat, rat or mouse. With the absence of a host they will live in the carpets; jump onto a human to feed, before jumping back onto the furniture or carpet. Around 2 mm long, and red to brownish in colour, fleas are not that easy to spot. Although eggs are laid in the fur of some pets, they are also laid in pet bedding and carpets. The larvae stage will feed on the detritus in the carpets or bedding, such as the skin we all continuously shed.

Milnrow Flea Treatment and Control:

If you keep a cat or dog and get a flea bite, chances are you’re straight into the pet shop. Flea spray, flea collars or tablets, the job is done. But then the animal continues to scratch. The kids start scratching itchy red marks. It’s beginning to look not so good. Flea control is more than a couple of sprays. Heavy vacuuming of carpets and rugs will help with flea removal. But not necessarily cure the problem.

If you have no pets and find you’re getting bitten by fleas, the situation is not so easy to appraise; something must be bringing them in. Professional Milnrow flea treatment from Young’s Pest Control Services may well be required. It’s possible rats or mice may have introduced them to the house allowing a flea infestation to build up.

Contact the Professionals:

FleaIf the problem is anything more than just an annoying itch, then you really should seek the advice of the professionals. Should rodents be causing the problem, they need to be dealt with before Young’s Pest Control can deal with your Milnrow flea treatment. If you have moved into a property which has been empty for some time, flea fumigation is a good idea, to ensure no infestation has occurred in dark nooks and crannies or under floorboards.

Professional guidance should always be sought, especially with young children in the household. Cats, the prime carriers of pet fleas, with their love of laying on bedding, cushions and anywhere it is warm, can help build a flea infestation without you even noticing; until the bugs start to bite.

Call out Young’s professional services, whether some professional strength flea spray is all that’s required or a full house flea fumigation, Young’s will advise and treat according to your requirements.