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Brown RatThe sight of wild rats around the house has never pleasing at all as they are associated with dirt. They may however not be easily seen given their secretive kind of life. Only when there is a high population is when they can be spotted. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to prove that there is an Eccles rat infestation. Rats can, however, be hazardous when they increase in numbers and thus why you need to call Eccles Rat Control experts for help.

The dangers of rats

Rats have been associated with a number of diseases since time immemorial, and of which if some of them are not controlled then they can become fatal. Some of these diseases include Hantavirus, dysentery, typhus fever, Listeria and Salmonellosis. Rats are also responsible for the plague like the one that became uncontrollable in the 14th century and wiped out close to 50% of Europe’s population. Apart from just spreading diseases, rats also trigger some dangerous allergies. Of the households that took part in a given research, 35% of them were at risk of allergy triggers from rat urine. The number of people allergic to dust is the same as that of those affected by rat droppings. You should therefore get rid of rats as soon as possible so as to avoid these.

On top of health issues, rats will not only eat their way through your structure, but also destroy anything they come about. Wallboards, insulation, cardboard and wood are just some of the things they can easily destroy in your home. They, therefore, pose a danger of fire outbreaks from the electrical wires they leave exposed after eating the covers.

How to tell if need pest control treatment

Among the signs of rat infestation include the presence of living and dead rats. Rats like to live in hiding and only move about when there is no on in sight, and thus if you get to see them more often, then it is probable that the infestation is full-blown. Also, if rat droppings are present, then that indicates that there are feeding rats around.

ratEccles Rat Control Experts

Due to their kind of life, rats cannot be easily controlled, unless with a pest control treatment. Young’s pest control experts will therefore ensure that they get rid of rats from your home using their various treatment methods. If you try it on your own, it may prove to be difficult as you may not know exactly where to find them.