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Old Trafford Pest Control 

If you happen to own a property in Old Trafford and its surrounding area, then you’ve probably faced a Old Trafford mice and rat controlpest or rodent infestation at one point or another. It is inevitable. It doesn’t matter how neat and modern we are and how far we’ve come as a society; vermin will always somehow find their way in. And just like any other gang, once a few of these creatures get inside the premise, you can be sure more will follow. Pests such as wasps, bees, ants, mice, and cockroaches are notorious for this. They usually begin their assault on property and eventually rob any house member of their wellbeing, sanity, and health. 

 Needless to say, they are ridiculously difficult to get rid of. For thorough extermination, you will need a reliable, professional extermination service. Our Old Trafford pest control experts are at your service if your residence or commercial property is in the area. Our 24-hour treatment clears the infestation securely, safely, and permanently. Our major target groups include:

 1. Insects such as ants, bees, wasps, and many more

 Dealing with stinging insects such as ants, honey Old Trafford Wasp nest removalbees, or wasps is ideally the hardest to do. Besides attacking out of the blue, they pose an actual danger to you and your loved ones. While in some cases, they may be just a nuisance and don’t sting or bite, if they’re left unchecked, they can cause serious health effects. They are known to feed, multiply, thrive, and destroy. 

 Most DIY solutions only solve part of the problem. They only tend to cater to the visible and outward part of the situation. This is what our pest control specialists in Old Trafford were properly trained and given the tools and technologies for. They deal with the root of the problem and clear any stragglers left hiding in tiny crevices in your rooms or gardens. Additionally, they also have a special wasp nest removal treatment.

 2. Rodents: Mice & rat control

 Rodents may very well be the tiniest bullies out there. We say this because they inhabit the same spaces people do and corrupt everything they touch. 

 • They possess sharp enough teeth for eating your food and will even gnaw at wood, soft metals, electrical wiring, and drainage systems around your property

 • Their tiny flexible bodies help them migrate across rooms easily

 • Their intelligence and awareness of changes in the vicinity nullifies the effectiveness of DIY traps

 • With an average litter size of 7, their breeding happens at an alarming rate, and thus they are the perfect colonizers

 • To top it off, they are carriers of mites and fleas, as well as disease-causing microbes in their faeces and saliva

 It is quite hard for the average person to get rid of these vermin effectively. Not only will it waste your time, but it will also give them more time to do some serious damage to your house, like chewing through power cables or water pipes. Our Old Trafford mice & rat control unit will rid your home and offices of these rodents effectively and in the shortest time possible.

 3. Birds

 For those who’ve never had a bird infestation, it will be a surprise seeing these melodic creatures on the list. For instance, a bird infestation will have you cleaning bird droppings from your cars, benches, or Old Trafford bird controlroofs on an almost daily basis. This poo, in addition to being unsightly and hard to remove, is a potential disease vector. Birds sometimes carry microorganisms harmful to human beings. Furthermore, once they have marked your residence as their home, they can be difficult to chase away and even get aggressive and attack to protect what they perceive as theirs.

 To reduce the likelihood of a battle between you and your avian invaders, reach out to our specialists at Old Trafford pest control. They have 24-hour solutions to rid you safely and humanely of your feathered foes.

 What do we do after checking out your property?

 If you have a pest or rodent infestation, the best thing you can do for yourself is to reach out to Young’s Pest Control Service. Its branch in Old Trafford offers the ultimate extermination and pest control experience. Their services include:

 • Free quotations

 • Comprehensive and interactive customer support

 • Treatments services that are fully insured

 • 24-hour availability

 • Professional assessment and advice from knowledgeable personnel

 • Affordability 


 Most people get tempted to do their own pest control instead of contacting the experts. However, Old Trafford Pest controlthere is truth in the adage that states ‘cheap is expensive.’ All our specialists go through professional training, which helps them pick out the safest and most efficient strategies to get rid of vermin and pests. 

 An inept approach can lead to reckless endangerment of the lives of everyone involved with the premise (think wasp nest removal treatment). Not to mention, there’s still a big chance that the infestation has gone to ground but not been fully cleared. 

 For the safest and most reliable pest control service in the UK, call us today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. We even work on public holidays, thereby ensuring we’re always there for you and your safety.