Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Old Trafford Wasp Nest Removal 

During the UK spring months when temperatures start to rise it signals people to venture outdoors. Old Trafford Wasp Nest Removal Unfortunately, this is also the signal for wasps that their winter dormancy is over and that it is time to become active and build nests. Inevitably if left unattended this leads to wasps becoming a scourge to many in the UK, no business or homeowner wants to be saddled with an infestation of wasp or hornet nests on their premises and our wasp nest removal cost is a small price to pay for peace of mind.


 In the UK there are mainly two species of wasps which presents a great threat to humans and animals, the common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) and the German wasp (Vespula Germanica), both species are similar in size, have tapered bodies with their predominant body colour a bright yellow with black markings. Annually wasps follow a similar life-cycle which starts in early spring when a new fertile queen wasp emerges to form a new colony and ends during winter when she dies. In a wasp structure, we find an egg-laying queen, males wasps who fertilise eggs, and sterile female workers.

 Their nests are started in early spring by a fertile queen wasp who will build a small nest from wood Old Trafford Wasp Nest Removal bits that she chews and glue together with her saliva. The small round nest is off-white and looks like paper mache. The nest will have a few cells in which eggs will be laid from which worker wasps will emerge. The queen will rear them to take over the nest building, caring for the young, food collection, and protection tasks. The nest size now rapidly increases and becomes cone-shaped. The queen lays up to 200 eggs per day, which grows the nest population up to between 5000 worker wasps during spring and 10000 in summer. During late summer, up to 1500 new queens and fertile male wasps emerge from the eggs. The queens leave the nest and are fertilised by the male wasps whereafter they find a suitable place to overwinter and restart the cycle again. The existing queen dies leaving the worker wasps behind which now craves after sugary food and can become aggressive.

 Wasps and hornets present a great danger to children and pets with their aggressive behaviour when they can feel threatened by them. Hundreds of people are hospitalised annually, being allergic to the venomous sting of the wasp which causes anaphylactic shock. Many people do not know how their bodies will respond to being stung and therefore no one should attempt to get rid of a wasp nest on their own but rather use a wasp exterminator.

 Wasps and hornets represent a threat to many Old Trafford Wasp Nest Removal people in the UK and while the severity might differ from mild to extremely dangerous, a wasp exterminator must deal with it timeously. An area like Old Trafford is also not immune to the dangers represented by wasps having their nests in the area. One of the best and safest methods in the Old Trafford area to deal with the threat and get rid of wasp nests is to make use of an expert localised wasp nest removal service like the Old Trafford Wasp Nest Removal Service.

 Hornet and Wasp Control ensures that the number of wasps and hornets around your home is greatly reduced and minimised if they are left to proliferate, they pose a great danger with their ability to repeatedly sting and secrete an extremely strong pheromone when they sense any danger to them or their nest when they sting a perceived attacker. The pheromone serves as a trigger for other wasps and hornets to swarm and rally to the attack. With the large numbers present in a nest, this can be extremely painful and even deadly.

 In conclusion, Hornet and Wasp Control must take Old Trafford Wasp Nest Removal place in the area by a professional like the Old Trafford Wasp Nest Removal Service to ensure that the level of the threat that wasps and hornets pose to humans and animals are reduced and always kept to the minimum. The wasp nest removal cost is a small price to pay.