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Professional Heywood Honey Bee Nest Removal

The honey bee is unique among the bee species found in the UK in that they don’t start nests from scratch, which creates extra problems for homes and commercial properties that have to deal with swarms and hives that contain thousands of bees.

Consequently, we at Young’s Pest Control are called out to honey bee control cases on a regular basis to efficiently solve Heywoodhoney bee nest removal or honey bee swarm removal related problems.

If you require assistance for a honey bee swarm removal, our professionals will come round and assess the infestation before taking efficient action.

Facts about the honey bee hive

Honeybee swarmHoney bees will normally nest in warm, dry places that can sometimes be a nuisance to residents, including:
• Garden Sheds
• Bins
• Wall cavities
• Roofs

Contained in the nests are three types of honey bees: drones, workers, and queens. Each has a set of responsibilities towards the survival and propagation of their colony.

A honey bee nest, unlike wasp nests, is constructed with wax that is produced using the nectar extracted from plants.

The problems an invasive nest can cause

• The Sting

A combination of the sheer number of honey bees found in a nest - as many as 50,000 - and their defensive sting means it’s hard to ignore one when it invades a property. Therefore, calling around the services of Young’s Pest Control for Heywood honey bee nest removal is vital to maintain your safety and those around you.

• Structural problems

Macro shot of bees swarming on a honeycombAnother reason to call Young’s Pest Control for Heywood honey bee nest removal is that a professional and complete extraction or extermination of a hive is vital. The reason for this is an abandoned nest will still contain honey, and, if not properly removes, can degrade structures and give off an unpleasant smell.

• Other pests

The honey can also attract other pests such as mice and other bees, so a complete honey bee hive removal is vital.

Expert honey bee control with Young's Pest Control

The assessment and removal of a honey bee nest are not a simple as you may at first have thought, which is why calling on the Heywood honey bee nest removal knowledge of our experts at Young’s Pest Control is vital in doing the right things regarding a nest.