Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Expert Horwich BumbleBee Control Treatment Services

Bumblebees are beautiful insects which are commonly known for their pollination activities. This is why they are considered to be beneficial to human beings. They are energetic insects that fly with a buzzing sound when collecting nectar in the garden. In spite of their support in crop pollination, they can also be a threat to human beings. The good news, however, is that you can always call an expert in Horwich bumblebee control to get rid of these insects.

The Truth about BumbleBees

There are almost 24 species of bumblebees in the UK. Currently, the tree bumblebees seem to be spreading very fast across the UK since their arrival thirteen years back. Strangely enough, tree bumblebees nest mostly in bird boxes and hollow tree trunks. Read below some general facts about bumblebees:Bumble Bee

  • Bumblebees never swarm
  • They never lose their sting when they sting
  • The drones do not have stings
  • They are less hostile than honeybees

Why BumbleBees May Be Dangerous

Bumblebees may or may not be a threat to your property depending on the location of their nest. Generally, they can be a great risk to everyone in the family if their nest is located next to the house. For instance, both children and pets may accidentally provoke these stinging creatures. This may compel them to attack anyone that crosses their path.

Additionally, there are many individuals who are allergic to bee stings. Such individuals need to be protected from these insects that can inject the body with poison. Their stings can be very lethal since they mostly concentrate on stinging the head and the face. The venom that they release when the sting has got numerous health hazards to allergic individuals. Such risks may include difficulty in breathing and manifestation of painful welts amongst others.

Expert Horwich BumbleBee Removal

Bumble Bee on flowerJust like other pests, Horwich bumblebee control is necessary whenever they become a threat to your property. Moreover, those who have an irrational fear for bees can also want to have these insects driven off their property. Call Young’s Pest Control today to offer you affordable and efficient Horwich bumblebee control services. Our specialists on bumblebee removal will do whatever it takes to ensure that your property is totally freed of bees. We are always ready to offer you the best commercial or residential pest removal treatment services.