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Heaviley Pest Control 

Pests can easily deprive your home or business of the much-desired comfort and serenity that keeps you Heaviley mice & rat controlfocused on your daily activities. Besides the trouble they cause with scurrying and lurking about, they also damage property and pose health risks to those who come in contact with them. A small infestation may escalate to a large outbreak if left unchecked. You will need a proper and professional pest handling service whenever your premises get overrun by pests.

 It is recommended that you contact a professional who can eradicate pests quickly and effectively, regardless of whether the problem is minor or severe. Young's Heaviley Pest Control offers both domestic and commercial pest removal services at competitive prices. Our services are available 24/7 and thus reliable during emergencies and planned pest control operations. We handle a broad range of infestations including:

 • Stinging pests- bees and wasps

 • Rodents- mice, rats, and squirrels

 • Structural pests- woodworms

 • Crawling pests- ants, bedbugs, and fleas.

 Mice & Rat Control

 Rodents pose a great threat to health and property. During cold seasons when the cold and flu are common, people fail to think about mice and rats Heaviley mice & rat controlwhich enter into the homes through cracks and crevices in search of food, warmth and shelter. These rodents spread diseases such as bubonic plague, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and salmonellosis, all of which are life-threatening.

 In addition to the health problems, the rodents damage insulation attics by chewing and gnawing electric cables, cardboards, wallboards, floor joists, and wood. In so doing, they can also cause house fires and electric shocks to those who come in contact with the uninsulated electric wires. Their burrowing activities undermine floors, wall sides, and similar structures. Therefore, the damages they cause to the property are significant enough to warrant their extermination.

 Since they reproduce rapidly, a few unnoticed rodents in the house can grow into a full-blown infestation. At Young’s Heaviley Pest Control, we help you avoid the costly damage through effective mice & rat control through customized methods that are available for indoor and outdoor use. The techniques are diverse to meet various needs.

 Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

 Wasp nest removal treatment is one of the most

Heaviley Wasp nest removaleffective ways to eradicate wasps. Attempting to physically remove nests on your own can be dangerous because the wasps inside the nest might become aggressive after feeling threatened. In defence, they can sting you to protect their habitat and young ones.

 It is not necessary to remove the nest to eliminate the wasps. Instead, the nest is treated to minimize the risk of stings. Therefore, you need to call for a professional wasp nest treatment service to eliminate the wasps and keep your family and guests safe. At Young’s Heaviley Pest Control, we provide a comprehensive wasp control solution through our qualified technicians who know how to identify wasp species. The experts have personal protective equipment to ensure their safety during treatment.

 Our solutions are customized based on location and we offer advice on how to prevent the infestation from recurring. We are available for an extra visit to ensure that the wasp colony is eradicated completely. Why not engage our team to rid your home of buzzing wasps and to avoid the risk of painful stings.

 Crawling and Structural Pest Control

 Apart from wasps and other stinging insects, we also specialize in removing crawling and structural pests. Like stinging pests, these categories cause Heaviley Ant Controlannoyances, health problems, and property damage that can be avoided by seeking expert help. If you choose to remove the pests yourself, particularly using the wrong procedure, you stand a higher risk of exposing the family and guests to danger. Worse still, you could fail in eradicating the pests which would the be more aggressive after a removal attempt. The structural integrity of your building could also be at stake due to such pests. Since your safety is our priority, you can rest assured of a pest-free premise. Feel free to contact our support team for more information.