Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Hazel Grove Wasp Nest Removal by Trained Professionals

Hornets and wasps can be a menace at the best of times although are likely to be all the more aggressive if they are defending a nearby nest. Anyone unlucky to have a wasp or hornet colony close by therefore needs to consider how best to get rid of it. The most effective option is to contact a Hazel Grove wasp control service and this is one of the specialties of our pest control business.

Wasp Removal - Dealing with a Nest

wasp-150x150The aggressive nature of wasp and hornet species in defending their nest means that having one nearby can be a danger. It also means that an untrained person should not attempt the job of trying to remove it themselves. It is far better to let an experienced nest removal service take control of the situation. They understand the way to apply a Hazel Grove wasp nest removal treatment so that a colony can be subdued and safely taken away.

Life Cycle

A nest begins life in early spring when a queen emerges from winter hibernation and selects a suitable site. There is no one location they prefer and nest sites can range from a hole in the ground to the attic space of a property. The queen will commence building the nest and lay eggs, which hatch into workers that will take over the construction work. The queen continues laying eggs and the size of the nest will increase as more workers contribute to the building process. Left undisturbed it is not uncommon for nests to house up to ten thousand insects. The queen will eventually lay queen eggs at the end of the summer and it is these that will start the cycle over again the following spring.

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