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Professional Hale Honey Bee Nest Removal

The honey bee is a stinging insect that often causes problems for residents in the UK, both in terms of danger and destruction. Therefore, Young’s Pest Control is available to help you out with Hale honey bee nest removal or honey bee swarm removal.


Honeybee swarmA hive of honey bees can contain many thousands of this insect, all working towards building or defending the nest and reproducing.

However, a hive can only contain a certain number of honey bees before there is no space left. Once this is the case, the bees will collect on the outside of the hive before deciding to break away from it in a behaviour known as swarming - the purpose of which is to find a new home.

Signs that you need Hale honey bee nest removal

No matter where a hive or swarm is located, the surrounding area will see an increase in the number of these bees flying around, which is your first sign of a problem. You should call a professional for honey bee swarm removal if the numbers increase to levels that prevent you from carrying out your everyday activities safely. It is often during the spring or early summer that swarms will present problems.

The following places are often found to be susceptible to infestations:

• Garages, sheds and outbuildings
• Roof spaces, wall cavities and below floorboards
• Trees and bins

Avoiding bee stings with honey bee hive removal

Macro shot of bees swarming on a honeycombThe obvious honey bee control danger presented to you when there is a hive or swarm nearby is the risk of being stung. For people allergic to bee stings, this can present a real danger as one sting will cause anaphylactic shock. Therefore, calling Young’s Pest Control is the safest option as we will take the appropriate cautions to remove a hive or swarm.

Choosing honey bee control

Unlike other species of bee, this insect will cause problems with their swarming behaviour on top of nesting in inconvenient places. In either case, it can often be difficult to move a hive or swarm, and deciding on Hale honey bee nest removal requires the experience of professional pest control workers.

For example, a swarm that has settled in a hole on the side of a house can be difficult to remove. As the honey bee is protected, the decision to exterminate needs to be carefully considered.