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Bowdon Pest Control 

About Us

Since antiquity, vermin and pests have constantly terrorized man's household, spreading diseases and

Bowdon Pest Controldestroying property, resulting in losses. Bowdon Pest Control is a firm known to provide superior professional treatment services against pests such as bedbugs, ants, fleas, and rats. Our firm serves not only domestic households but also fumigate large-scale industries to an excellent level. Furthermore, they offer specialized services such as honeybee and Wasp nest removal treatment. We are very experienced, and our services are priced reasonably and assure total customer satisfaction.

Our Services

At Bowdon, pest control, effectiveness and eco-friendliness are our core competencies. We thrive in providing services that use non-toxic insecticides and still eliminate vermin and pests thoroughly. In addition, our around the clock customer care team ensures that all your complaints are listened to and our services are delivered to you in due time.

Confidentiality is a crucial influencer of whether to acquire professional pest control services. Our vehicle fleet bears no signage, advertisements or images, which ensures that your discretion is highly observed as we proceed with our treatment processes.

We conduct periodical follow-ups to check the effectiveness of our work. In addition, we organize staff training (in commercial scenarios) to prevent future reoccurrences.

Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

You can agree that nobody likes the buzzing sound of wasps around or near them. Our experience in

Bowdon Wasp nest removaldealing with wasps enables us to identify how to deal with it, whether it needs to be exterminated and how to remove the nest. We protect your household from stinging wasps. However, we do not necessarily destroy the wasps. Instead, we remove them from their nests and rehome them. We only destroy them if they threaten your household and their nests are located in inaccessible regions. When you spot a swarm close to your property, or you hear them through a wall or roof, give us a call, and we will be more than glad to help.

Mice & Rat Control

When it comes to rodents such as mice and rats, we are ruthless. We use environmentally friendly Bowdon mice & rat controlinsecticides that give rodents no chance to live. Our mice & rat Control team are well-equipped with the know-how in dealing with mice infestation. Rats gnaw structures resulting in unexpected losses and spread diseases such as salmonella. They reproduce very quickly and are a threat to human health and property. Therefore, it is essential to contact Bowden pest control services and have the infestation eliminated when you spot them.

Pros of Using Our Services

It is common to overestimate your ability to handle vermin and pests using DIYs and over-the-counter insecticides. However, the problem with those insecticides is that they can be less effective or environmentally hazardous than if you would consult professional help. Our firm has specialized in dealing with pests, and as a result, you will always get the best service there is.

As mentioned above, we protect your confidentiality by using service vehicles with no markings or messages. In addition, we work around the clock, including during holidays. This means that anytime you detect pests, our well-equipped will be on your doorstep to eliminate them.

Our prices are pocket-friendly compared to other pest control service providers, considering the quality output of our services.


Bowdon wasp nest removalThe loss resulting from vermin and pests invasion is reason enough to seek professional pest control service. In this case, you can reach our customer service team, and we'll respond within the hour if you are located within Bowden.

Our products are odourless and non-toxic, meaning that your rooms can be accessible after fumigation, and your kids won't be affected.

We cover all pests in Bowdon. Here's an example of a few Pest's Below:

Mice Control

Rat Control

Wasp Nest Removal