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While you may be worried about the diseases and germs that insects and rodents harbour, you ought Greenmount Pest Control to be concerned about specific types of pests too. These intruders through tiny can cause damage worth thousands of euros to your condo, apartment, or house if not controlled by a mice & rat control professional. 

 The size of insects varies from 2 millimetres to 2 feet long. Irrespective of their size, pests can completely damage your house inside out if you don’t notice the signs of infestation. Here are 5 pests and rodents to check out before they wreak havoc on your apartment. 

 Mice and rats

Greenmount Mice & Rat controlMice and rats can cause devastating levels of damage on the inside of your house. They keep their teeth sharp through gnawing. To sharpen their teeth, rats will gnaw electrical wiring in your walls, PVC plumbing, wall insulations, appliances, and even waves of your roof will serve their purpose.

 Besides causing extensive destruction that will cost you thousands of euros, exposing electrical wires poses a major fire hazard. Holes in pipes will cause leaks that can lead to serious water loss hence big water bills. To avoid all the damage and expense that comes with pest infestation, contact mice & rat control experts from Green mount pest control. 


 Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem. Despite the benefits they give us, letting them set up a nest inside your house is the wrong decision. In just a few days, a swarm of bees can build up a hive weighing several pounds. 

 On the other hand, honeybees will fill your entire Greenmount honey bee removalwall with honeycombs if left unchecked. The pressure and weight caused by the honeycombs and hives are enough to stress and bring down walls and beams. Also, bees will eat through any paper moisture barrier inside the walls they infest to create room for their hives and paths to the hives. Why wait for the damage while Greenmount pest control service is just a phone call away?


 Unlike other insects that bore holes in wood, Greenmount ant controlcarpenter ants excavate out wood and wall insulations with their jaws. They do this to carve pathways and create room to make their nests. Though this damage may seem less severe, given time, carpenter ants can multiply into hundreds and build more nests. As a result, this will damage wood structures in your home. 


 Wasp queens are known to hibernate in winter and come out in the spring. Wasps also live in crevasses and openings in buildings. Among other parts of your house, the heave will be their best spot to build their hives. 

 Wasps exist in three species namely horntail wasps, Greenmount wasp nest removalwood wasps, and paper wasps. The paper wasps like infesting in attics and voids on walls hence damaging wallboards and ceiling. The other two species bore into wood. 

 Most interesting, if a tree they are living in is harvested for timber, these wasp species can survive and emerge after the timber has been installed in a structure. This is one of the primary reasons why wasp nest removal treatment from a professional is essential. 

 Experiencing problems with wasps? Young's pest control is the experts to call. They will not only offer you wasp nest removal treatment but deal with any pest that’s wreaking havoc in your home. 

 Greenmount pest control belongs to the British pest control association, unmarked vans discrete service and takes part in the campaign for responsible rodenticide use. So, do not have doubts when calling us for expert control advice on how to identify pest infestation and control them.

 What should you do after Seeing pests on your property?

 The most crucial action to do the minute you spot Greenmount Pest Controlpests in your premises is to contact Young's Pest Control service. This company offers the supreme Oldham pest control service at affordable rates. Unlike other services in the area, Young's Pest Control guarantees fully insured treatment services, 24-hour response after placing your order and free quotations.