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Are squirrels invading your home?

Squirrels should not be kept as pets and must be dealt with asGreenmount Squirrel Pest Control soon as possible. They were initially released decades ago, and since then they have demonstrated how invasive they are from a few hundred to several million individuals. Squirrels are disease carriers and invasive species. After they get into your home, they will cause extensive damage, especially to the rafters and beams, which can weaken the structure.

Squirrels have teeth that keep growing, so they chew on things in order to keep them from getting too long. They commonly chew a wide range of insulated wires. Chewing on these wires can cause fires. Before things get out of hand, ensure you make initial contact with Greenmount Squirrel Pest Control for help.

They will be seen jumping from tree to tree in parks or gardens. Unfortunately, they often use this same method to get onto your roof. They will try for a chimney at first, but if there are no openings around the exterior of the home orGreenmount Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel control business, they will put their evergrowing teeth to good use by ripping into roofing, and please don't be fooled. They can easily get through your roof. They can even chew on steel pipes. This can result in water damage, but it can be avoided if you speak with Greenmount Squirrel Trapping from the onset so we can customize a Squirrel Control treatment for you.

Once inside your home, they will start to establish themselves and will use any common materials your home can provide. Be extra cautious with the wiring in your home. Squirrels are known to bite into them. This can lead to the loss of network connectivity. Telephone lines may not work, CCTV and alarms may be incapacitated or malfunction.

Listed below are some facts about grey squirrels

Squirrels nest in trees, in the crevices of rocks, and in building eaves. Indoors usually build their nest in areas such as lofts, garages, crawl spaces, chimneys, and sheds, although they are not only confined to these sites.

The grey squirrel is a medium-sized rodent that is found throughout the United States. They have characteristic large ears and long bushy tails. 

Greenmount Squirrel Control treatmentAs well as their sharp teeth, they are renowned for their ability to nest in a variety of locations. Male squirrels are typically larger than females and can be distinguished by their more pronounced chestnut colouring. Squirrels will mate for life, and the average lifespan in the wild is about five years.

Squirrels typically eat a variety of items, such as acorns, other nuts, seeds, fruit, and insects. They also cache food, which is the process of hiding food in various locations so that they can access it later. Caching is an important part of their survival, as it allows them to have food resources even in the winter when food is scarce.

Squirrels communicate through a process known as scent marking. This is more common among leaping rodents and involves rubbing glands on their bodies against objects in their habitat to release hormones that tell other squirrels about the presence of danger or food resources.

Scent markings are used for communication, breeding competition, territory ownership, and warning off predators from large birds of prey. The most common form of the animal releasing the chemicals associated with marking is by using special scent glands on its body.

If you're dealing with an invasion of squirrels on your property,Greenmount Squirrel Control treatment don't try to take care of it yourself. Instead, contact a professional like Greenmount Squirrel Pest Control right away. Greenmount Squirrel Trapping can help get rid of these pests quickly and ensure minimal damage is done in the process.