Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Goose Green Wasp Nest Removal

As spring progresses and the weather gets warmer, Goose Green Pest Controlwasps start looking for other food sources. They do not store food like bees meaning each season. The colony looks for a new home to build a nest. As their diet changes, they seek sugary foods often found in our homes or the pollen in our gardens. Once they find a good source of food, they will build a nest.

While they are harmless until provoked, wasps pose a disaster in waiting. They have painful stings and can sting severally. So to protect your family and friends and avoid havoc in that backyard party you organised by seeking the assistance of a wasp exterminator. Below we discuss how to detect a wasp infestation and why you need professionals for Goose Green Wasp Nest Removal.

Differentiating Wasps from Bees

Bees are usually mistaken for wasps and vice versa. While they are similar in form, they have the following distinctions;

  • Wasps have distinctive yellow and black stripes around the abdomen, while bees are light brown/brown-yellow.
  • Wasps are smooth and glistening, while bees are hairy for pollination.

Detecting a Wasp Infestation

The following are signs that should warn you of a wasp infestation;

  1. Flying Insects- If you inspect your home or property, flying insects is the first thing to check for. While different bugs fly, wasps are distinct, they are slender, have a shiny body, and the abdomen has black/yellow bands. In case you notice insects of the description swarming around a single area, take caution. Instead, call your local Hornet and Wasp control agency.
  2. Chewed Wood- If you detect holes on wooden surfaces around your property, you may be having a wasp infestation. Some wasps build their nest by chewing wood. Since this could indicate woodworms or ants, it is imperative to contact your local wasp exterminator to ascertain the problem.
  3. Wasp Nests- One of the leading and visible Goose Green wasp nest removalsigns of a wasp problem is wasp nests. Some are made of chewed wood and other mud particles. To differentiate a wasp nest from a bee nest, carefully check on the entrance and exit of the nest. Wasp nests tend to have one opening, while bee nests have several.

Getting Rid of Wasps

Getting rid of wasps by yourself may seem an easy task to do. On the contrary, it could be a dangerous activity. While you would find thousands of DIY wasp extermination tips online, it is best to leave the job to Hornet and Wasp Control professionals. Here is why; 

  1. Allergies

Some people are allergic to wasp stings. If you have never been stung before, you do not know if you are allergic. Thus it is safer to stay away from the wasps. A sting could result in a nasty reaction, while multiple stings could send you to the hospital.

  1. Safety

Wasps are easily agitated and can cause havoc. Unlike the amateur work you would do that will result in disaster, pros are equipped for the task. They own personal protective equipment that protects them from the wasp stings when trying to get rid of a wasp nest. It ensures they approach the nest steadily to spray the chosen insecticide.

Furthermore, they know what insecticides to use and how to clean after. It eliminates any contact between you and the toxic insecticides used. They are also conversant with more natural sprays that have no health effects.

  1. Complimentary Services

A professional will ensure that they get rid of wasp Goose Green wasp nest in shednest successful. They will follow up to check on the same. Furthermore, you get other complementary services such as information and tips on avoiding future wasp infestation. It will lower your wasp nest removal cost by a substantial amount.

Using a professional wasp exterminator is the recommended way to deal with Goose Green Wasp Nest Removal. Contact us to get wasp nest removal cost and eliminate the problem with ease. We work discreetly and fast to get you back into your routine as quickly as possible.