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Are squirrels causing you trouble?

Squirrels are an invasive species that are a growing problem in the United Kingdom.

Introduced in the late 1800s, squirrels have shown howEagley Squirrel Pest Control invasive they can be. Today, there are millions of them, and they transmit diseases. They also damage property by gnawing on wires and other objects. This can cause fires and other problems. There may be squirrels in your home, in which case it is important to address the problem as soon as possible. They can be eliminated through a variety of methods. Eagley Squirrel Trapping will formulate a plan specific to your needs to obtain the best results for Getting Rid Of Squirrels.

Squirrels will rip apart anything in their way when trying to enter your home; this often is your roof. They will chew away at the shingled rooftop or thatched roofs. They usually find weak spots near the valley of your roof, exacerbating all weak spots and leaving them prone to water coming in. This will cause mould, dampness and often rot will set in over time. Upon their entrance, squirrels will start looking to build a home and will use a wide range of materials to do so. They will gnaw onto your soffits and rafters, making them substantially weaker, and they could eventually collapse; therefore, should be a number 1 priority.

Their teeth grow at approximately 6 inches per year, and due Eagley Squirrel Control treatmentto this, they have a constant need to chew material that is hard in order to keep them filed down. As a result, they will often chew through water pipes, ethernet cables, CCTV cables, telephone lines, and the worst of them all is electrical wiring causing fires that could result in your home being reduced to ash and your personal items lost. We, therefore, suggest you ring Eagley Squirrel Pest Control as soon as you notice one scampering around. If the issue is sorted early, then this will ideally minimize damage to your home.

A few bits of information about them follows with the hope of you understanding what you are dealing with

The grey squirrel is a small, bushy-tailed mammal found in North America. They vary in colour from light to dark grey and have black markings on their heads and backs. Male andEagley Squirrel Control treatment female squirrels are physically similar, but males tend to be larger than females. Squirrels have two protruding incisors, which they use to gnaw through nuts and tree bark. Their tails are typically around 20 cm (8 inches) long but can be up to 40 cm (16 inches) long in some cases. Grey squirrels can live for up to six years in the wild.

Squirrels communicate by making a range of sounds, but one of the most common is a high-pitched "chirp". Squirrels also engage in various forms of physical contact with others, like nuzzling and licking. In addition, grey squirrels have been seen shaking their tails at other members of their social group as a way to discourage other animals from taking territory or potential mates. They also use urine, faeces and scent glands on their paws to mark territory or communicate their aggression.

A grey squirrel's diet includes many types of nuts, berries, carrion (dead animals), eggs or young birds; fungi and certain tree bark are also eaten. In addition, they are opportunistic predators who may raid bird nests for eggs and prey.


These rodents can also be a nuisance to homeowners and drain the economy. For example, squirrels cost the UK economy 50 million pounds per year, as they damage property, steal food, and spread disease.

If you find that you have squirrels living inside your house, it is Eagley Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatmentimportant to take immediate action. It is not recommended that you solve the problem with DIY products – these will likely be ineffective and could even worsen the situation. Instead, contact an expert like Eagley Squirrel Pest Control as soon as possible to ensure success in getting rid of the squirrel infestation quickly and minimizing damage caused by the squirrels. Call Eagley Squirrel Trapping for more advice.