Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Chorlton-cum-Hardy Wasp Nest Removal

 To facilitate removal and get rid of Wasp nests is Chorlton-cum-Hardy wasp nest removalwork that is best left to the professionals. The role of Wasp exterminators should not be undertaken by an untrained and ill-equipped person. Hornet and Wasp Control services are widely available and are worthy of their Wasp nest removal costs.

Where are Wasp and Hornet nests commonly found?

 As the temperature begins to warm up at the beginning of spring, Wasps will generally start to make their nests. They will choose a location that provides a degree of seclusion and a nearby food source. Consequently, human living accommodation often provides a venue for the construction of new nests. Areas that are attractive to Wasps include:

  • Outhouses, sheds and garages
  • Woodland trees and bushes
  • Property wall cavities
  • Roof eaves

 The first signs of a potential problem may be an increase in the number of Wasps appearing around a property. In the initial stages of the construction of the nest, the Wasps are less aggressive than when Chorlton-cum-Hardy Wasp nest removalthe building is complete. As a guide, if the nest is found to be only the size of a tennis ball, then it is likely to be in the early stages of construction. However, if the nest is more related to the size of a football, then the building may be complete, and the Wasps may become more aggressive if provoked by a human 'stumbling' across the nest.

A mature nest may contain up to 5,000 worker Wasps and a queen. However, it should be made clear that most nests found will be Wasp nests as Hornets are not common in the UK. If there is any doubt, a Hornet will be distinguished by having brown and yellow stripes while a Wasp has black and yellow lines.

How do Hornet and Wasp control experts work?

 Chorlton-cum-Hardy Wasp nest removal experts will use their skills, experience, unique protective clothing and tools to safely and quickly remove the danger and rid Wasp nests around premises used by humans. The Wasp exterminator will identify the location of the nest and use an insecticide to destroy it. Chorlton-cum-Hardy wasp nest removalSo as not to enrage the Wasps by making an intrusion into the nest with the insecticide, the poison is placed near the entry point of the nest and is then taken inside by the Wasps as they enter. The amount of work required and the difficulty of the location and size of the nest will all contribute to the Wasp nest removal cost.

The potential danger from Wasp and Hornet stings.

 While a healthy adult will suffer only pain and discomfort from a Wasp sting, children and those who may be susceptible to a severe reaction to a sting can find themselves in a dire situation. If a Wasp nest is located near to their home, they may be subsequently stung. Spending time in the hospital can be the consequence of some of the more severe reactions to a Wasp sting. To mitigate the potential for problems with Wasps, it is advisable to cover windows with fly-screens to prevent insects from entering through an open window during a warm spell.

Waste bins are a magnate to Wasps as they look for food to take back to their nest. Removing bins from close to a property and ensuring that the lids are firmly closed will reduce the possibility of the Wasp and humans coming into contact.

Once the treatment is complete and the nest is abandoned, the Wasps will not return to the nest in the next year. Therefore, it is worth stating again that a professional Wasp exterminator should be recruited Chorlton-cum-Hardy wasp nest removalwhen dealing with a nest. Where the nest may be located in a high or awkward position, there is a risk that an untrained attempt to remove it will result in the nest, and its contents of up to 5,000 Wasps, falling upon the humans down below. Without adequate protective equipment, the results of such an incident could be severe.