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Bamfurlong Wasp Nest Removal

 The removal of a hornet of a wasp nest from a property is a potentially dangerous Bamfurlong Wasp Nest Removaloperation and should not be attempted by anyone who is ill-equipped, lacking specialist knowledge and not wearing the correct protective clothing. It is considered that the earlier a wasp colony is dealt with, the less likely there is of the wasps becoming aggressive.

How do wasp nests develop

 During the spring, when the temperature starts to rise, wasps will generally start to build their nests. Initially, the nest may only be the size of a snooker ball. However, once established the nest can grow to the size of a football and contain up to 5,000 wasps. The majority of the nest will be 'worker' wasps providing support for a single queen. The life-span of the workers is under three weeks while the queen may live for around one year.

Locations, where wasps will commonly create their nests, include roof spaces, lofts, air vents, wall cavities and under the eaves. It Bamfurlong Wasp Nest Removalmay be that there are a number of wasps being seen flying in the area or unusual sounds may be heard from the ceiling or wall cavities. For the exterior of a property, nests may be found in hollow trees, bird nesting boxes, bushes and a garage or garden shed.

UK hornets and wasps

 The group of wasps found in the UK are of two types, the common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) and the German Wasp(Vespula Germanica). It should be noted that hornets are not widely found in the UK and will be mostly located in the south of England. To tell the difference between a wasp and a hornet it is useful to know that a hornet will be brown and yellow, a wasp will be black and yellow.

Professional eradication of hornets and wasps

 To get rid of wasp nests it is advisable to call upon the expertise of a hornet and wasp control expert. The wasp nest removal cost will be advised before the work is undertaken. Calling in a wasp exterminator will mean that the nest will be removed professionally and safely. The operative will Bamfurlong Wasp Nest Removalhave access to insecticides which are not available to the public and have the correct protective equipment, tools and experience. The insecticide will be placed around the nest and the wasps will carry it into the nest as they enter. this will lead to the destruction of the colony. It should be made clear that wasps and hornets can inflict a painful sting which, in extreme cases, can lead to hospitalisation due to an allergic reaction to the venom.

The professional wasp exterminator will provide hornet and wasp control and get rid of wasp nests on the property. Bamfurlong wasp nest removal allows a wasp exterminator to get rid of wasp nests and remove the potential danger, particularly where there may be young children nearby. Wasp nest removal costs should be regarded as an investment to keep the local human population safe from potentially painful stings.

Further precautions

 In order to prevent the wasps from an exterior nest from entering a property, it is wise to take a few precautions during the early spring. Moving the waste bins away from the occupied areas of the property, and securing their lids, will make sure that the Bamfurlong Wasp Nest Removalwasps are not attracted to the area to feast on an easily available food supply. Furthermore, the installation of fly-screens to any windows which need to be kept open during the warmer months of the year will prevent wasps, and other flying insects, from entering the property and becoming a potential danger to the occupants. 

Dealing with wasp nests should only be attempted by properly equipped and trained operatives. Unqualified members of the public risk provoking the wasps and causing them to become very aggressive. Once alarmed, a wasp will produce a pheromone which will bring other wasps from the nest to assist. Multiple wasp stings can be very serious, even without there being any strong allergic reaction to the venom.