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Ardwick Wasp Nest Removal

 The first thing is not to confuse Wasps and Hornets Ardwick Wasp nest removalwith Bees. Bees are not generally harmful to humans and provide a useful service by pollinating many plants and crops throughout the country. Ardwick Wasp Nest Removal services will assist with the nature of a potential problem nest and provide services for Hornet and Wasp Control.

Why are Wasp and Hornet control necessary

 A professional pest control expert will be able to provide technical knowledge and have access to a range of professional tools and insecticides that will allow for safer removal of the nest. Treating a wasp nest can be very dangerous for an untrained person. Should the Wasps inside the nest feel threatened, they will often become very aggressive. When an individual Wasp is threatened, it will produce a pheromone which will cause the other wasps in the nest to be attracted out. As a nest can contain up to 5,000 Wasps, this can lead to a dire situation for an untrained, poorly-equipped person. Even a single Wasp sting can be excruciating and can, in certain cases, lead to an allergic reaction that could lead to a hospital stay. A wasp nest removal cost should not be considered an expense. It is far safer to hire a wasp exterminator than to risk serious consequences by undertaking the job without having the correct personal protective equipment, and experience. If there are children, it is prudent to get rid of wasp nests as kids could easily be stung during outside playtime.

How to recognize a Wasp and a Hornet

 The main difference between a Wasp and a Hornet Ardwick wasp nest in shedis that the Wasp has black and yellow stripes, and a Hornet has brown and yellow stripes. Furthermore, Hornets are not common throughout the UK, while Wasps can be found in many areas. Hornet and Wasp Control is not a matter for the amateur. It can be a hazardous job and needs specialist skills and equipment to be undertaken safely and successfully. There are two common types of wasp found in the UK, known as Vespula vulgaris and Vespula germanica.

What are the common locations for nests?

  • In a shed or garage
  • In-wall cavities
  • Under eaves
  • Under trees
  • In bushes

 A wasp exterminator will have the experience to know where to find a nest when a problem is reported. The nests are started in the springtime and will only be quite small initially, being the size of a golf ball. As the colony develops, the size of the nest will grow to become the size of a football. The average nest population will be between 3,000 and 5,000. The level of danger from an established nest will mean that the wasp nest removal cost will be money well spent. It has been found that the earlier action is taken to remove get rid of wasp nests, the less aggressive the colony of wasps becomes.

How does a wasp exterminator remove a nest?

 A professional pest controller will use technical knowledge and access a range of Ardwick wasp nest removalprofessional insecticides that are not available to the public. Furthermore, the specialist equipment required to keep the Hornet and Wasp Control professional safe will be readily available.

Once the nest has been located, an amount of insecticide will be placed at the nest entrance. As the wasps enter into the nest, they will take the insecticide in with them, ultimately leading to its destruction. Once a nest has been used and abandoned, the wasps will not return. If the area where the nest is found is an inaccessible or high location, the correct tools and protective equipment must be used. The consequences of having a whole nest of wasps or hornets falling from a height down upon someone could be potentially catastrophic.