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Ardwick Pest Control 

Not only are pests hazardous to your health & well-Ardwick Pest Controlbeing, but they also damage and devalue your residential or commercial property. Therefore, to maintain good health and high-value investments, you need a professional team of pest exterminators to tackle this issue if it arises.


 Our Young’s Pest Control experts are here for you. We have a specially-trained Ardwick pest control crew that has experience permanently eliminating the most common pests in this region. These include:


Ardwick Ant Control The most troublesome type of ant in this region is the black garden ant. Even though they live and build their nests outside, these insects have an appetite for sugary food. Thus, you might find a stream of their labourers heading into your kitchen and leaving with food.

Mice & Rats 

 Mice & rats like to follow people to eat all the free leftover food. Traditionally, mice & rat control using snap traps worked, but this is not very effective because:

  • A single trap is might not be enough to bring Ardwick mice & rat controldown a whole colony. You will need multiple traps, making the process expensive. It will also be tiresome because you have to set them every time they snap.
  • The rodents are quite intelligent, mostly because they are suspicious of any changes. As such, they will avoid the new traps as much as possible. 

 Instead of troubling yourself with any mice & rat control measures, give us a call, and our Ardwick pest control team will exterminate these pests in no time.


 These parasites live off the blood of warm-blooded animals. So they can be a real menace if they get into your house, usually through pets (cats or dogs).


Ardwick fleas Control Fleas are very tiny (roughly 3mm long), so you won’t see them coming. However, they jump fast and far and can hide in your furniture, carpets or any other warm/cosy place. Thus, eliminating them on your own is practically impossible.


 The insects have painful bites that cause the skin to turn red and itchy for about two days, which is very uncomfortable.


 There’s nothing much to say about wasps other than

Ardwick Wasp nest removalthe fact that their stings are dangerous and deadly. A wasp does not die after one sting. Therefore, 30 – 40 of them could kill if they dropped all the bombs on you.


 We have a very effective wasp nest removal treatment that eliminates these pests safely and permanently from your home or office.

Other Pests

 Apart from wasp nest removal treatment, we can take care of honey bees, bumblebees, and even grey squirrel infestations, among many others. All you have to do is reach us via our phone lines, then let us handle the rest.

Why Pest Control is Necessary

  • Prevents property damage: Rats and mice chew furniture, electrical cables and even clothing, causing lots of damage.
  • Keeps you healthy: Rats can carry viruses like salmonella and hantavirus, which can easily pass on to you. They also harbour fleas and can transfer them to your house.
  • Prevents food & water contamination: Ants and rodents will make your food & water unclean because they drop dirt & germs as they eat or drink.
  • Prevents attacks: Bees and wasps have painful stings, while ants and fleas have painful bites.
  • To keep your house clean from wasp hives, rat droppings and foul smells.
  • To prevent embarrassment when you have guests.

 Do not take a gamble to treat the pests on your own. If you get it wrong, you will suffer these consequences.

Why Choose Us

Ardwick pest control workerKeeping these pests at bay is vital because once they get hold of your property, eliminating them will be a daunting task. Ardwick pest control services will take care of this because we guarantee the following:

  • Affordability.
  • 24-hour availability, every day of the week.
  • Free quotations for all pest treatments.
  • 100% reliable & fully insured treatment services.
  • Professional advice and exceptional customer support.

We cover all pests in Ardwick. Here's an example of a few Pest's Below:

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