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Wilmslow Rat Control Specialists

ratEven though most people associate rats with dirt, it may not necessarily be why they are in your house. All that these rodents look for is shelter, food and water. It, therefore, means that things like pet food, pet waste and spills of bird feeders will attract them into your house. In addition, long grass clutters and attractive landscapes will attract rats as these are favourite places for their nests. Weighing close to one pound does not deter them from fitting into less than a centimetre of a hole in order when trying to get into your home. They flatten and squeeze their bodies through to the other side. Given the high rate of reproduction rats have, a serious infestation can happen so quickly, thereby making any Wilmslow rat Wilmslow process tricky.

Where do rats nest?

Rats will access your home using various means since they have good climbing abilities. They can climb wires, siding, trees or bricks to get to your house. Sometimes they even jump from overhanging branches to rooftops. Once inside, they will hide behind attics, walls and crawl spaces. These are warm and safe places to hide from predators like cats, and they can also quench their thirst by simply gnawing through the surrounding pipes. Simply put, your home offers rats what they need to survive.

Why should you get rid of the rats quickly?

Rats chew things like wood, pipes, insulation and wires; thus, they will destroy any of these on your structure. Unfortunately, they also help spread contagious diseases. In addition, everywhere they pass, a trail of urine is left behind. If the Wilmslow rat infestation is serious enough, they can quickly eat up a good amount of your food and astonishingly contaminate twenty-five times more than that.
Brown Rat
How do you know that you have rats in your home?

The best way to determine rat infestation is by checking on a couple of things such as:

• Noises made by rats when fighting, chewing, running or climbing. They are likely to come from the ceiling and behind wall insulations.
• 14mm long oval-shaped droppings.
• Rub marks on pipes, walls and beams.
• Gnawed materials like shredded paper and wood shavings.

Professionals best do Wilmslow rat control. This will involve the use of pest control treatment, and Young’s pest control experts know how it’s done. In addition, if Young's pest control treatment is used to get rid of rats, you are assured of a permanently solved problem.