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Warren Pest Control

Warren mice & rat controlPests and vermin are associated with many negative impacts such as destruction of property, spreading of infections, and lack of peace of mind. In addition, in a business setup, pests and vermin can cause loss of trust from employees and clients, damage of goods and equipment, product recalls due to quality issues, and worst-case scenario, closure of business due to failure to comply with existing laws and regulations. That is why you should immediately seek professional services if you spot them.

Our services

For years, we have been market leaders in the provision of quality pest control solutions. We have a local team of technicians ready to support our residential and commercial clients with pest extermination needs. Some of the pests and vermin that we eradicate include flies, bed bugs, moths, silverfish, fleas, and many more.

At Warren pest control services, we provide pest control services for homes and Warren Pest Controlbusinesses in the Warren region. We deal with all sorts of pests. In addition, we provide specialized services such as mice & rat control and wasp nest removal treatment. We provide a blend of high-quality service and competitive pricing.

Once you notify us of the infestation, we will arrange for our local team to visit your property. We will determine the best solution that is tailored to your problem. We use treatments that are child and pet friendly.

At Warren, we have fully qualified staff who are friendly and experienced. We respond on the same day and protect you and your family from pest and vermin infestations as well as the associated risks. We do provide aftercare services too. After the treatment process, our personnel will provide advice on pest identification and prevention.

Mice & Rat Control

Warren mice & rat controlRats and mice are persistent rodents that stop at nothing to get into your home or business buildings. Once inside, they cause damage, spread illnesses, and contaminate food. Therefore, it is important to identify the rodent problem early and seek professional assistance immediately so that rapid and effective treatment can begin as soon as possible.

We provide comprehensive site inspection to determine the source of the attraction, breeding place, infestation level, and rodent species. In addition, our treatment solutions cover other potential breeding locations and provide appropriate instructions about the next pest issues. The use of professional pest exterminators best eliminates rat and mice problems.

Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

Wasps are insects that live inside cavities, ceilings, lofts, and other enclosed areas. Their stings are excruciating and could pose Warren Wasp Nest Removal health risks to people allergic to the stings. To control wasps, the only solution is to have the nests removed by an experienced professional wasp exterminator company.

At Warren, we remove wasps and their associated nests in the most efficient way. Our treatment is guaranteed to work in two days. Due to the experienced, we have amassed over the years, we have developed our proven solutions to wasp problems. You can book an appointment online to get our services promptly. Once booked, we will have your nest(s) sorted in no time.


  • Guaranteed quick response. Once you contact us or book an appointment, you can be guaranteed that our technicians will arrive swiftly to sort out your pest problem.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Our charges are fairly priced, considering that you will get good value for your money.
  • Confidentiality. Our service vans are not marked or have any signages. Discreet people will appreciate this aspect more.


Warren Wasp Nest RemovalDIY treatment of pests seems like a cost-effective method of getting rid of pests and vermin. However, they can only be nearly effective if the pests pose a low risk. DIY treatments may not be as effective, or the pests might develop resistance against the treatment in some cases. The products we use are developed under strict adherence to the UK and EU standards.

We cover all pests in Warren. Here's an example of a few Pest's Below:

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