24-Hour Broadbottom Rat Control Treatment

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Professional Runcorn Rat Control Treatments

The rat problem

Brown RatHuman activity has attracted rats for millennia, from the construction of buildings to the large-scale production and storage of food. As a result, rats have chosen to live alongside humans in rural and urban environments, although they are unwanted visitors to most people. When rats establish themselves in human environments, the numbers of these prolific breeders will see a dramatic increase. Indications of a Runcorn rat infestation, aside from seeing the animals themselves, include:

  • Scuffling noises and high-pitched vocalisations often coming from the roof.
  • Signs of gnawed wood, bricks, and electrical wiring.
  • Small, sausage-shaped droppings.
  • The pungent odour of rodent urine and faeces.
  • Pawprints of about fifteen millimetres, with four digits.

When the rat population is not controlled, these rodents will have a greater presence in public and private life. As they expand, they spread destruction and disease wherever they go. Therefore, professional Runcorn rat control treatment should deal with rat activity before it intensifies as the animals continue to multiply.

The bolder rats become around humans, the more likely you will come into direct physical contact with them. For example, having rats climbing over you as you sleep increases the chances of being scratched or bitten and getting infected by rat-borne pathogens. Therefore, it is better to get rid of rats today via expert pest control treatment before you find one on you tomorrow.

Diseases rats spread

Rats carry diseases, which can be spread to humans, pets, and animals of commercial importance. Rat zoonoses (infections passed from animals to humans) are transmitted via rat secretions, such as urine, faeces, mucous, and saliva. Rat zoonoses include:

  • Q Fever, resulting from Coxiella burnetti bacteria infection, manifests as flu-like symptoms.
  • Weil's Disease, and Severe Pulmonary Haemorrhage Syndrome, caused by Leptospira bacteria infection, these two diseases can prove fatal.
  • Rat-Bite Fever, induced by Streptobacillus moniliformis bacteria infection, symptoms include high temperature, nausea, rash, and joint pain.

ratThe debilitating and life-threatening diseases that rats can transmit to humans makes it necessary to get rid of rats, with professional Runcorn rat control treatment, for the sake of preserving life, maintaining health, and promoting wellbeing. Pest control treatment, in adept hands, will end the Runcorn rat infestation, stopping the further spread of infectious agents and enabling the decontamination of the infected area to begin.