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Widnes Rat Control Experts

Brown RatScratching sounds at night? Signs of something eating away at food packets as well as evidence of gnawing around the house? Dark coloured droppings and a foul odour in the air? If any of these things sound familiar, it could well indicate that rats are residents in your home.

Rats are generally nocturnal creatures and tend to hide from humans, so it's uncommon to see one even if they are nearby. However, if you think you have a Widnes rat infestation, calling out, our experts will quickly determine whether or not any pest control treatment is necessary.

Rife with Disease

The main concern to get rid of rats is the vast amount of dangerous diseases they carry and can potentially transmit to both humans and pets. In addition, if they get into your home, they can contaminate surfaces and especially food products that are contained within cupboards.

The fatal Weil's disease is contained within bacteria of the rat's urine, which is the most serious contagion. However, there are also other dangerous diseases such as salmonella, tuberculosis, and e.coli which are also easily transmitted by rats and definitely reason enough to call instantly for rapid eradication of this pest.

Nature of the Beast

You may think that seeing a lone rat in your back garden doesn't mean much, but you shouldn't be so quick to dismiss it. It's in their nature to seek a warm shelter that provides for them, and your home could be the perfect target for a rat infestation. It's in this instance when they can cause a variety of problems and where an effective pest control treatment is essential.

To get rid of rats completely in and around your home can only be achieved with a professional service. Our rat experts completely understand their behaviour and tackle the creature with a planned and effective Widnes rat control program. Knowing the habits allows our experts to place poison and traps at key points, exterminate the pest quickly and safely.

Guaranteed Widnes Rat Control

ratWe cover all forms of Widnes rat control and elimination of the pest within the remises. Our professionals will also determine exactly how the rats have made an entrance to a building. Without dealing with this problem, it could pose a serious risk for the re-emergence of vermin within the property in the future.

Remember, it's just not acceptable to allow rats to run rampant anywhere around your property and the sooner it's dealt with, the better it is for your health and home. So call our professional team today.