Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Need a Lymm Wasp Nest Removal? Call the Experts

Why call a professional pest control company to deal with a wasp nest rather than just using a commercial wasp control product? There are many reasons, including the risk from the wasps, the Lymm wasp nest removal treatment, other safety issues and effectiveness.

Risk from Wasps

wasp-150x150Wasps are aggressive communal insects that post guards at their nests and respond to insecticide signals from injured nest-mates by attacking en masse. Each wasp can sting multiple times and will if it is defending the hive. Because of this, it is tough to approach and treat or handle a pack without being stung at least once or without triggering an angry swarm that will attack anyone nearby.

In addition, some people are critically allergic to wasp venom, so being stung even once means a potentially deadly allergic reaction and a trip to the emergency ward. Those with bee or hornet allergies are more likely to be allergic to wasps.

The Risk from insecticide Treatments

The products sold at shops for wasp removal purposes are usually sprays or powders, which need to be applied at very close range to work. It is easy to accidentally inhale the product at such a close range, causing respiratory irritation or otherwise becoming contaminated. The is especially true in a confined space such as an attic or shed, where ventilation is inadequate.

There is also a risk of contaminating the area, and dead insects that are not correctly disposed of can be a hazard to curious wildlife and pets who investigate the site.

Other Risks

Wasp nests are often in hard to reach areas. Imagine trying to apply a Lymm wasp nest removal treatment while balanced on a rickety ladder or slippery rooftop, or being unable to escape a wasp swarm in a tight space, and it's easy to see how someone with claustrophobia, a fear of heights or vertigo could have a problem.

Wasp Removal Effectiveness

Wasp control professionals are better equipped to tell a wasp from a hornet, deal with the nest appropriately, make sure the queen is killed or removed so the problem won't come back, and get the job done right the first time.