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Stay healthy

Pests can carry severe diseases that even kill people in some cases. Therefore, it is dangerous to try to investigate and treat infestations of unwanted invaders by yourself. Instead, it is advisable to contact our expert 24 hour Warrington pest control service as soon as you find any signs of pest activity. Here are some main action steps that can help you eliminate pests and the illnesses that they cause.

Keep informed

Know all about the various types of pests and learn how they can spread infections. Remember that birds, foxes, moles and rabbits can all be pests and rats and insects (like flies, cockroaches, wasps, bedbugs and ants). Different kinds of pests require specific types of treatment.

Brown RatWatch out for rats

Certain animals like rodents (especially rats) can carry the bacteria that causes leptospirosis. In most instances, leptospirosis causes mild symptoms similar to flu, such as chills, muscle pain and headaches. However, leptospirosis can even be life-threatening in some people due to internal bleeding and organ failure. These patients must be admitted to the hospital to support their body functions while the infection is fought using antibiotics.

Be alert for insects.

Insects actually cause very few diseases but by the organisms (such as bacteria and viruses) passed on when the insects bite. For example, Lyme disease is caused by bacteria that is spread by ticks. Although bedbugs do not carry diseases, their bites can cause itchy red bumps. In addition, a few people have serious skin reactions to bedbug bites and develop blisters that can become infected.

Find professional help early.

Choosing our expert Warrington pest control service gives you the assurance that:

  • Essential health and safety standards are being complied with.
  • In addition, professional treatment is being used to eliminate the specific pests on your property.
  • You will not worry about handling any waste, carcasses, feathers or nests associated with the pests that can be messy and harmful.

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Remember, we can even repair any damage to your property that your uninvited guests have caused. Our Warrington pest control expertise covers both commercials as well as domestic environments. In addition, we have a one-hour emergency response. So why not get a quote today? Give our 24 hour Warrington pest control service a call and arrange for a quote. Protect your family's precious health and well-being today!

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