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Commercial Pest Control

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When it comes to pest control, we stand astute in that prevention is always better than cure! Therefore, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible pest control services to all our clients, maintaining the highest health and safety standards.

All sorts of pest infestations are hazardous for your commercial property posing a threat in hurting your reputation, disrupting your day-to-day operations, not forgetting incumbent regulatory fines concerning the zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the presence of pests in commercial facilities.

We stand vigilant in the observation of hygiene, specialising in the provision of environmentally sound commercial pest prevention and control services well-designed to meet the needs of your business. Our policies and bespoke practices ensure the most negligible impact on the environment while maintaining sanitation; protecting materials, products, and infrastructure. Our portfolio of commercial clients includes the food industry, housing associations, farms, retailers, hospitals, local authorities and wildlife reserves, and leisure and sports organisations such as the construction industry and football clubs.

Pest Prevention and Control Services

As our esteemed clients, you will receive:

• A free of charge survey, inclusive of a comprehensive situation analysis
• A shrewd environmental assessment detailing geographical issues
• All around the clock 24 Hours call-out service
• Designated pest-control technician well versant with the area
• Our astute all-inclusive Pest Control/ Management Policy ( Comprising of detailed documentation all up-to-date with the latest state set legislation, and complaint with audits)
• Astute proficiency from our technicians with years of experience in Commercial Pest Control
• Adept and comprehensive service deliverance by accredited professionals
• Wide range of quality products sourced from all across Europe – all environment-friendly to the latter

Our Services include:

• Young's assessment using techniques that encourage sustainability and limit effects to natural habitats
• Rodents and Bird proofing and netting
• Fly Screens
• Electric Fly Killers
• Proofing against Common insects pests such as wasps, bed bugs, fleas, flying insects, and cockroaches
• Cleaning and Sanitary Services

Service Level Agreements

Understanding our client needs and deliverance in Youngs Pest Control serves as our foremost guideline towards vigilant Commercial Pest Control services, and our Contractual basis services do just that; from flexibility to competitive pricing, quality service, as well as peace of mind.

The benefits and copious advantages of our contracted pest control services are numerous, unique to the requirements of clientele and satisfying to the latter. We recognise that effective pest control is a process and not a one-time event. Through our bold integrated Commercial Pest Control management approach, we identify the best method suiting your needs. Through our collaborative and integrated procedure, you can rest assured that your business is getting the maximum care with minimum exposure.

Our pest controlling procedures instigated embrace the following stages in the astute assurance of a thorough and effective investigation concerning each situation we encounter.


This involves a thorough review of the pest risk at the area; we inspect, identify, evaluate the current state of affairs through monitoring devices to alert the potential onset of infestation.

• Comprehensive Inspections: We identify any structural or sanitation-related conditions that are conducive to pest infestation and the manifestation
• Identification of pest activity: We thoroughly inspect and report on any evidence of pest infestation
• Risk Evaluation: This is inclusive of a thorough assessment of your facility type and any conditions thereof that are conducive to pest activity


We use a range of toxic or non-toxic indicators, all set towards infringing minor environmental damage.

• ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS: This encompasses a thorough survey of your facility within an environmental context while applying methods that encourage biodiversity
• STRUCTURAL INSPECTIONS: We instigate exclusive external structure investigation of buildings within your facility, paying exhaustive attention to the potential points of ingress of rodents and bird pests
• TECHNICAL INSPECTIONS: A comprehensive internal inspection of institution's buildings, paying extensive attention to voids as areas of pest infestation

We like this provide a fully documented, chronological record of site activity, as is displayed in our complete pest control policy.

Extensive guidance on all aspects of contingent pest deterrent, eradication, and hygiene-related aspects all associated with the client's premises/ Facility
By our findings, we would like this design a unique pest control contract deliberated to suit the requirements of your institution extensively. This involves an extensively detailed analysis of your pest control requirement, in every step consulting with you so that we exclusively understand the needs of your business and how any work-related factors influence any pest control measures set to be implemented.

Why choose us?

Outstanding Reputation

We are gratified of our long-standing reputation of providing quality services and quick solutions to our clientele on all pest problems. This comprises Rodent pest control, Flying and crawling insects, Bird proofing, and many other pests.

Efficient Solutions

Our team of astute pest control technicians are well trained to the highest of standards, proficient and adept at providing the best of service to our clientele, meeting all expectations, and even surpassing set anticipations.

Safety Conscious

Our proficient and adept personnel ensure outright compliance with Health and Safety standards as stipulated in the Health & Safety act. Of utmost importance to our pest control practices and measures is chief compliance with statutory set policies, in the utmost strive to achieve proficient, secure, and efficient pest control solutions.

Happy Customers

We stand vigilant in observation of hygiene, with the implementation of environmentally sound pest control well-designed to meet the needs of your business. Our policies and bespoke practices ensure the most negligible impact on the environment while maintaining sanitation. Our client's utmost satisfaction is our greatest joy.



As part of our service, all clientele are entitled to professional advice on all manner of Pest Prevention and Control issues, all of which usually is free of charge to our esteemed customers. In addition, our designated technicians are very experienced and will assist you with day-to-day topics.


We stand astute in that prevention is always better than cure! And when called upon, we can provide extensive training for your staff. This can revolve around any pest control subject and will be designed explicitly with exemplifying the needs of your and your business at large.