Pest Control Service Agreements

Brown RatPest Control Service Agreements are an important part of your relationship with your pest control specialist. They outline your rights and responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of the company and its pest expert staff.  There can be some variation in what goes into treating pests depending upon the type of pest that a company is called in to deal with, so below are outlined some of the similarities, differences, and things you might need to know when hiring us.
The Basics
Your Pest Control Service Agreement will tell you what you are getting for your dollar, and what you can expect during and after treatment. It will also let you know if more than one treatment is required, and how we will handle the job if a repeat infestation occurs in future. You should feel free to ask us any questions which you may have at any time.
Every Service Agreement
We will undertake a detailed inspection of the premises which includes inspection during the treatment or treatments. You will receive a report sheet which details the work we have done and our recommendations if any. When required, a Field Biological Inspection will be done by our experts. We keep complete and thorough records in order to comply with all relevant legislation.
pest-we-coverWe know that rodents can be a real nuisance. That is why we have special procedures for them which are outlined in your agreement. During a rodent treatment, we will come back to check the bait. Looking at the bait which may have been eaten by rodents will tell us about how the treatment is working and if more bait is needed. Sometimes they soil the bait so we will replace it if that has happened too. You will receive report sheets which detail the work we have done and our recommendations if any. When required, a Field Biological Inspection will be done by our experts.
We will perform a detailed inspection of the insect monitoring stations as well as replacement of monitoring contact boards. If Electronic Fly Killer is required we’ll do a catch tray count.
For all Pest Control Service Agreements, you can expect to see documented evidence of all the work we have done, visits made to the site, and paperwork showing compliance with HSE requirements. The records we leave with you will include copies of the site survey, a map detailing where in the site all products were placed or used, Risk and COSHH assessments, and any other information which becomes part of taking care of your pest treatment on-site.
Rest assured that our pest experts have been fully trained and qualified in RSPH level 2, an industry qualification for pest control companies. Our insurance and membership in the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and National Pest Technicians Association (NFTA) is our seal of quality and competence. Like all good companies, we stand behind our work and our people. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Your feedback matters and any questions you may have will always be answered thoroughly and completely before, during, and after a visit by our pest experts.