Problems With Bumble Bees In Cheshire

The United Kingdom has more than 20 different species of bumblebees. They are often found in parks and gardens across Cheshire, particularly during summer and spring when their nests will be full and new generations of pupae and eggs are being fed and raised. Keeping this in mind, here is why you should look for a company that offers the services of Bumble Bee Control Chester.

Damage to your property

Bumblebees drill holes in different types of wood to build nests, store food and larvae. If these insects stay close to your area for an extended period, they can damage your garden or the wooden surfaces of your home and garage.

Bumblebee sting

Like many stinging bees and wasps, bumblebees will sting you to defend their nest or themselves. The bumblebee workers and queens can sting you multiple times. They use their stinger to inject venom into their target, which can be very painful. The range of reactions to the injected venom includes an allergic reaction. The response depends on the number of times you are stung and your allergic sensitivity to the injected venom. This can happen when bumblebees sting you.

Allergic reactions to the injected venom or reactions due to multiple stings may lead to a general allergic reaction, causing the inflammation to spread from your skin to other organ systems in your body (systemic allergic reaction). The symptoms can include:

  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Dizziness or fainting.
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.
  • A weak, rapid pulse.
  • Breakout of hives.
  • Swelling around the throat, tongue or mouth.

Suppose you are stung multiple times by bumblebees. In that case, this can result in an anaphylactic reaction, a severe and potentially life-threatening allergic response. Anaphylaxis can cause your immune system to start releasing a flood of chemicals that will make you go into shock. As a result, your blood pressure will drop suddenly while your airways will narrow, which will block breathing.

How to know you have a bumblebee infestation

If you see numerous bumblebees under the eaves of the roof, this can mean that you may have a tree nest nearby. You will see the smaller male drones loitering outside the tree bumblebee nest as they wait for one of the female bees to exit so that they can have a romantic encounter. High levels of bumblebees close to your home could also indicate a nearby nest. If the bumblebee nest is left to grow, it can end up causing problems.

How to Treat a Bee Sting

Repel bumble bees with professional help

If you think there is a bumblebee nest around your home or have seen them entering and leaving specific areas, do not hesitate to call professionals. Because these insects sting when threatened, you should never address the infestation yourself. Instead, it would help if you looked for professionals who offer the services of Bumble Bee Control Chester. They will inspect potential nesting areas and identify the type of bumblebee. Then, they will remove possible harborage materials.

A professional team has all the proper protective clothing and safety equipment designed to protect them from getting stung. They also have the expertise and knowledge to approach the bumblebees nest to reduce the risk of alarming the bees. Pest management professionals offer 24 Hour Pest Control Cheshire and can assist you to remove these insects from your property before they cause harm to your family. They will then relocate the nest with minimum damage to the colony or their nest.

These insects are essential for pollination. As such, a bumblebee infestation should only be destroyed as a last resort if the nest is close to human activity and is considered to be a danger to the wellbeing of those near it. However, you can take advantage of the 24 Hour Pest Control Cheshire for several reasons. For example, suppose your home has pets or young children who can inadvertently disturb the bumblebees nest. In that case, they feel threatened and make the bees attack. Experts will give you advice on the best method to deal with this situation.

Pest control methods for bumblebees

It’s important to seek services from professionals who offer Bumble Bee Control Chester because it’s challenging to control these bees yourself. They have thick fur covering that protects them from dust and significantly reduces the efficacy of most insecticide sprays. Pest control professionals use treatments that are effective when it comes to managing bumblebees. They are well-trained and know which insecticides are perfect for treating this particular problem. These professionals will do this job safely and cost-effectively.

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