Problems With Bumble Bees In Cheshire

Whiston Wasp Nest Removal

The United Kingdom has more than 20 different species of bumblebees. They are often found in parks and gardens across Cheshire, particularly during summer and spring when their nests will be full and new generations of pupae and eggs are being fed and raised. Keeping this in mind, here is why you should look for…

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Bumble Bee Removal Service in Cheshire


Many bees are not harmless, so it is natural to be concerned about the bumble bee which is actually quite harmless. It will only attack if it feels threatened even though it can appear to be quite menacing. Gardner’s find the Bumble Bees to be a great addition to their garden. This gentle, furry bee…

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Cheshire, Manchester, Warrington Bumble Bee Facts

Bumble Bee Facts All work is guaranteed. 24 Hour Service So you got Bumble Bee’s? Why not give us a buzz and get rid of your Bee’s today! £69.50 Fixed Price 0161 776 9832   One of the safest bees to have around your home in Cheshire, Manchester, Warrington , they do not swarm. While they…

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