Fleas Driving You Mad? We Talk Flea Control Treatments


flea control

Flea control treatment is one of the main concerns of pest management. Dealing with these parasites is not easy. When searching for products that can eradicate flea in pets, many people have a hard time identifying the most effective formula. Flea control  Treatment companies capitalize on marketing their brands at the expense of creating solutions. This infestation runs out of control when they become uncontrollable, harmful and threatening. This kind of situation is obnoxious because it causes irritation of the skin and body tissues. Therefore, when these creatures invade your dogs and cats, you try every means to get rid of them.

If you are searching for a solution for fleas, the first step is to understand their causes and how to remove them. These small brownish and reddish creatures like to benefit from other animals. That is why you will find them on other animals. Sometimes you will find them on items in the home such as upholstery in the living room and beddings in the bedroom.


Different regions of the globe have different types of fleas. In Europe and North America, you will find:

  • Cat fleas
    • Dog fleas
    • Human fleas

Like other animals, fleas have a male and female species. Dealing with the female fleas is challenging because they lay eggs while hopping in different directions. The male flea is the most destructive because it sucks blood from the host. In a home, it is common to find fleas on the carpet and on beddings. Domestic animals tend to have fleas on their fur. Although it is normal for animals to have fleas, an infestation occurs when the parasitic attack overrides the management capacity. This means that the tiny creatures have increased in number causing a plague. This situation calls for an effective solution to mitigate their spread and harmful effects.

Fleas, which affect cats, are common in homes and they can affect dogs and humans too. Human fleas are stubborn you and you will find them in the weirdest places like under the arm and on hair. If left unmanaged, these cause irritations and fleabites, which are painful. The most annoying part is when you constantly feel the irritation coming from unknown quarters. In some cases, their presence leads to allergic reactions. Common in Europe, the dog flea whose similarities are like that of the cat types live on a dog’s fur. These also affect people and you will notice their blood bites. It tends to affect the neck area hence will be found on dog items like the collar.

Flea Control Treatment Companies

Pest control is a management tactic that regulates the spread of these species. Since fleas influence human and flea controlanimal health, managing their root causes is the best solution. You may need multiple steps to deal with this complex problem. An effective method deals with the issue and prevents future infestation. Different companies have specialized services that tackle these problems. There are different ways to manage fleas. These are:

  • Natural control method
    • Pesticide control
    • Physical controlManaging fleas by reducing the breeding ground is one way to deal with them naturally. It includes curing the affected animal by using other parasites as treatment. This is a good solution for the control of pests on cats and dogs. Pets often get flea if left without proper care for a long period. When they move from one place to another, it exposes their environment to further infestation.

Physical control of fleas is an effective solution in the home. This includes caring for the animals, vacuum cleaning, and laundry services. Controlling them when they are not living on an animal means, you locate their habitation. This could be animal blankets, floors, and cracks. If they live on beddings or in the living room, you might need to consider airing the beddings or cleaning the carpet. This process destroys the larvae and stops it from spreading further.

Pesticides used to control fleas are in powder form for spreading in affected areas, sprays and shampoos. This flea management procedure is systematic. It identifies the type of flea, its lifecycle, and extent of damage in order to prescribe the best solution. Part of the solution may include proper grooming of the animal as a preventive measure. There are products meant to combat the maturity of flea across different stages. Some companies have their own custom-made products to deal with the invasions. This means customers can purchase products and treat the environment by themselves. Alternatively, contracting the service provider may be necessary if the situation is out of hand.

How to Identify Fleas for Pest Control

How do you notice the presence of fleas in your home? You will notice dogs and cats showing discomfort from the irritations. Skin irritation on humans such as rashes and bumps are easily noticeable. Notice the animal scratching, itching and bleeding around the neck, head or neck areas. Prolonged exposure to their bites could lead to anemia because they suck blood and lay more eggs for widespread infestation.

Once you have a pet in the home, you should expect fleas. However, it all depends on how you maintain your animals as a routine. Indoor animals get fleas from outside when they get into contact with other animals. These could be stray or wild creatures. Therefore, you should ensure that the yard if free from these and any kind of filth. Keep outdoor vegetation, shrubs, and bushes neat. There are products services to help in grooming the yard.

Bed bugs, flies, cockroaches, rodents, mites and fleas are all common household pests. However, they are all harmful to animal health. Fleas may be small parasites but they cause diseases such as tapeworm and anemia. It takes patience to control pests like flea because it requires the elimination of its eggs from indoor and outdoor areas. The complete removal of its traces ensures that there is no recurrence of an invasion by animal fleas like dog fleas and cat fleas. That is why flea control companies focus on comprehensive services.