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Itch No More with Manchester Flea Treatment Services

A flea infestation can be a terrible thing - fleas are itchy, unsanitary, and embarrassing to deal with. Any attempts to rid them yourself will be futile. Young's Pest Control offers an effective and complete system of Manchester flea treatment. There are three main types of fleas, the cat flea, the dog flea, and the human flea. We can come and give your home or business flea fumigation and get rid of the dog, cat, or human flea infestation so that you are able to sleep peacefully and entertain visitors as often as you want without them getting 'your' fleas.

The flea population is on the rise, how will you know that you are facing a flea problem? Here is a quick checklist of what a flea is, does, and looks like.

FleaColour: Red or brownish in colour.
Size: 2 to 7 MM.
Body type: Narrow, large legs.
Most common types: cat flea, dog flea, the human flea.
Locations: Fleas can live on any warm-blooded animal. Even though the species will have a preferred type of animal to live on they are still known to be found on other animals. Bedding is another prime location for fleas.
Babies: Small white oval-shaped eggs.
Time to adulthood: Seven weeks.
Resistance: If it is winter sometimes the development from egg to adult flea is slowed down.

Which Fleas Are These?

Dog fleas can carry the dog tapeworm, and fleas can carry some other types of parasite type worms but generally aren't known to carry and or spread dangerous germs. Fleas are itchy for animals and people because they bite, leaving an irritated red area as the wound closes, not as large as a mosquito bite but the same principle behind the itch - whatever the flea carries on its body or releases when it sucks blood (the fleas favourite food) agitates your skin and causes a reaction.

Don't Be Embarrassed

Cat and dog fleasYoung's Pest Control knows the right Manchester flea treatment in order to get flea control. Fleas are common, therefore we understand when you have them in your home or business that it is not because you are unsanitary or have too many pets - fleas just happen as a part of nature trying to find food and a place to live. As the aptly named species suggests, the cat flea is common to cats, The dog fleas, to dogs, and the human flea is common to humans.

Go With The Best When You Have A Pest

If you have a problem with fleas, you will need the best Manchester flea treatment available. Young's pest Control Offers knowledge, experience, and practised, professional service. We will make sure that pets, children, and people are protected while we are doing our flea removal. When we come to do flea fumigation we don't leave until your flea control problem is dealt with.

Be Safe

All of our work is done with your safety in mind because we know that having a flea infestation is uncomfortable enough for you and your family without having to go through the worry of breathing fumes or making sure every last flea is eliminated so that a fresh outbreak will not occur.