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Professional Manchester Bed Bug Treatment

The stress and misery of bed bugs

Bedbugs are extremely stressful and can seriously undermine your health and well-being. They can disrupt your rest and relaxation, turning your home from the peaceful haven that it should be into a hell-hole. These minute pests multiply remarkably quickly so they can completely infest your home before you even know it.

Get medical help if needed

Bed BugBed bugs (Cimex lectularius) hide in cracks and crevices throughout the day and then crawl out to feed at night. They suck your blood just like mosquitos do and are drawn by the heat of your body and the carbon dioxide that you breathe out. The good news is that bed bugs do not spread any actual human diseases. In addition, most people do not have any adverse reactions to bed bug bites and might simply have the occasional spot that does not call for medical treatment.

However, other people develop itchy, red bumps mainly on their hands, arms, face or neck. In many cases, these bites are thought to be mosquito bites at first. However, bed bug bites usually occur in straight lines, while mosquito bites generally form random patterns. Your GP may prescribe a mild steroid cream for very itchy bumps. Alternatively, your pharmacist might recommend antihistamine tablets to reduce the itching. The bumps should heal normally within a week or so with treatment, although in a few cases blisters or more serious rashes can develop. If these are scratched they can become infected and then require treatment with antibiotics.

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Bed Bug TreatmentManchester bed bug treatment (including bed bug fumigation) requires considerable experience and training. The National Health Service warns that bed bug removal from your home can be extremely difficult and therefore recommends carefully checking the credentials of any Manchester bed bug treatment firm that you contact.

Young's Pest Control is a member of the Royal Society for Public Health and the National Pest Technician Association (Young's Pest Control, 2014). Our bed bug fumigation service is fully covered with insurance. Why suffer torment and misery for a moment longer searching for a reliable bed bug control firm? Call Young's Pest Control today to arrange for our emergency Manchester bed bug treatment.