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Rat Attack Symptoms

Rats have their body language to communicate with other rats. These languages are made of variousWest Derby Professional Pest Control Rats sounds, postures, and movements. A rat can either accept or reject another rat's attempt to communicate. For example, suppose a rat is constantly attacking another rat or chasing them away from food supplies or other resources. In that case, it usually means the attacked rat feels threatened and fears for its safety. In most cases, when this happens, there will be warning signs before an attack occurs-which means you have the chance to protect yourself from these pests before they get too close. Some common signs of a possible attack include:

- Hissing from the back end: A hissing sound from the back end usually indicates that a rat is about to attack. When the back end starts hissing, it will often be accompanied by drooling and raising its tail to make itself look more intimidating. Sometimes the hissing sound may not sound like an actual hiss but rather a growling sound. When this happens, the attack will usually happen within seconds.

- Showing teeth: Rats are rodents that have longWest Derby Professional Pest Control Rats incisor teeth that keep growing throughout their lifetime in order for them to eat properly. However, when rats show their teeth while looking at you or another person/animal, it usually means they aren't happy and will attack if they feel provoked enough.

- Spraying urine on vertical surfaces: Rats usually urinate in different areas when they feel threatened or in an area where there's a high chance of them getting attacked. For example, when rats urinate on walls, it means the rat believes its territory may be invaded, and it feels the need to mark its territory by leaving behind a urine scent that other rats can smell and realize that this is the rat's space and should not be intruded upon.

- Circling and chasing: When rats feel threatened or see potential prey such as you, they will slowly start to circle around their target with their tails up in order to stay balanced. Some signs of possible attack include West Derby Professional Pest Control Ratswhen a rat starts running towards you instead of slowly circling you like most rodents do, especially if they're making loud noises as they run. This is usually an indicator that the rat is about to attack. You should take cover or use whatever protection you have to defend yourself from these pests and call 24 Hour West Derby Professional Pest Control Rats. We will be there in no time.

Suppose you're ever unfortunate enough to experience a rat attack. In that case, it's best to know how to protect yourself until the West Derby rat exterminator arrives. Some essential tips include:

In the event of an attack, how can I protect myself?

- Stay calm and don't panic: When you panic, it only makes it easier for the rats to sense your fear, and they will often attack more ferociously. So instead, try to keep calm and use any defensive moves you know in order to protect yourself until a West Derby rat catcher near me comes and takes over.

- Make loud noises: Rattling pots and pans or any other loud objects can startle rats and make them back off. If multiple rats are attacking, try to aim your things at the ground so the noise will be louder and hopefully scare them all away.

- Use a weapon if you have one: If you have somethingWest Derby Professional Pest Control Rats to defend yourself, such as a knife, golf club or pepper spray, use it! Rat attacks can often come unexpectedly, and you may not always have time to get your weapon of choice, but having something for self-defence is always better than nothing.

- Get help: If the rat attack is too much for you to handle on your own, call for West Derby Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service. Don't be ashamed of admitting you can't deal with an attack and need assistance from professionals. 

Rats can be a deadly nuisance and should never be taken lightly. However, suppose you have any warning signs of an attack. In that case, it's best to take them seriously because rat attacks are often sudden and happen quickly. In this blog post, we've gone over some ways to protect yourself from these pests until the West Derby rat exterminator arrives at your home or business premises.