Woolton Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Woolton Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Tarbock Bumblebee Hive Removal

Bumblebees are often considered a nuisance because they can be invasive and sting multiple times. While they are notTarbock Bumblebee Nest Removal typically aggressive, they can be dangerous around the home if you are not careful. For example, suppose you find a bumblebee hive near your home. In that case, it is crucial to call a professional Tarbock Bumblebee Nest Removal Service Near Me to remove it before it becomes a danger to you or your family.

There are several reasons why you might want to consider having a bumblebee hive removed from your property:

  1. Oftentimes they are a nuisance because they are attracted to sweet things like flowers and fruits.
  2. Bumblebees can sting multiple times, and their stings can be quite painful.
  3. Bumblebees stings can be fatal to people who have allergies to their venom.

In most cases, when someone who is allergic gets stung by a bumblebee, their body goes into anaphylactic shock. The symptoms of anaphylactic shock are rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the throat. Due to this, if you have an allergy to bee stings or someone you know has one, it is vital to get to a hospital as soon as possible after being stung. After that, ensure you call Tarbock Bumblebee Hive Removal for safe removal.

Nesting sites for bumblebee

Bumblebees are known to nest in various areas, including on the ground, walls, roofs, and trees. Nests can also be found in compost heaps, bird boxes, and mouse holes. Bumblebees are attracted to areas that offer shelter and food, so gardens and parks are common nesting sites.

The Queen Bumblebees Breeding Cycle

Tarbock Bumblebee Nest RemovalBumblebees' nests usually have a queen and a number of workers. The queen bee is the only one that can lay eggs. Bumblebee nests can last for several years, but the queen will start to lay eggs in late summer. Upon hatching, the eggs will develop into larvae, which feed on pollen and nectar. The larvae will then spin cocoons and emerge as adult bees the following spring.

The Moss Carder Bumblebee

Bumblebees from the genus Moss carder are among the largest in the world, typically reaching lengths of 15-19 mm. They are covered in soft, long hair, which is mostly black but with a rusty orange band on the abdomen. These bees live in colonies of up to 120 bees led by a queen.

The Common carder bumblebee, or to give it its scientific name, Bombus pascorum, is a type of European bumblebee. They are among the most common species in the UK.

Common carder bumbles typically come out later than other bees, and as such, their nests tend to be on gardens rather than field edges in the long grass. Their ginger-coloured abdomens easily identify them with black and white stripes. The workers and drones have an overall body length of about 17-20 mm, while the queen can be slightly larger at 20-22 mm.

It is important to remember that time is of the essence when itTarbock Bumblebee Nest Removal comes to bumblebees. An infestation can happen rapidly, and you must act early in order to avoid stings and keep your family safe. Do not try to solve bumblebee problems with DIY products if you suspect you might have a problem with them. Instead, call on the experts at Tarbock Bumblebee Nest Removal service near me for our fast, safe removal of these pests.