Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Prescot BumbleBee Control Services

When bumblebees build their nests in the garden, shed, house, or another place frequently used by people, they stop being a helpful pollinator species and become a potentially serious health risk. Prescot bumblebee control can be tricky, but it needs to be done to avoid a long-term risk of being stung or letting the hive damage the building it is in. The solution to this problem is to call in professional help.

Prescot bumblebee nest removal is just one of the pest control services offered by Young's Pest Control, available 24 hours a day at reasonable rates. Instead of taking any risk with a do-it-yourself treatment, take advantage of the many benefits of professional bee control service:

- Save time spent researching bee control methods and shopping for the needed products and personal protective equipment.
- Get the job done promptly instead of waiting for the next day off work or a convenient time to tackle the problem.
- Avoid the risk of being stung and experiencing a severe reaction to the bee venom.
- Be confident that the problem will be adequately dealt with.
Avoid using insecticides in and around the home - leave it to experts with insecticide safety training.
Avoid climbing ladders or wriggling into tight spaces to reach the nest - experts have the safety training and experience to do this comfortably.
- Be confident that the treatment used is correct for the species and situation.

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

BumbleBee Removal Experts

When experts like Young's Pest Control technicians arrive on the scene, they can identify the species causing the problem, evaluate the extent of the problem, and come up with the best control method.  Proper species identification is important because bees differ from wasps and hornets in their behaviour and risks, and common native bumblebee species are different from introduced tree bumblebees:

- Tree bumblebees are more likely to nest in and around houses and other structures.
- Tree bumblebees are more aggressive than other bee species, actively guarding the nest and responding to vibrations that affect the nest by swarming. This makes Prescot bumblebee control more difficult.
- The tree bumblebee is more likely to build nests in vents and other enclosed areas, like birdhouses.

Make sure Prescot bumblebee removal is done right and done in safety by calling in expert help.