Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Orrell Park Wasp Nest Removal

Orrell Park Wasp Nest RemovalThe climate in Orrell around spring and summer is suitable for the breeding of wasps. During spring, the weather is conducive for breeding as there is plenty of food. Besides, the wet weather makes the wasps look for shelter, which could be your home. This is why there are vast numbers of wasp nests in buildings and other permanent structures around homes. At Orrell Park Wasp Nest Removal, we offer professional wasp nest removal to ensure that you and the family stay safe throughout the year. If you find a nest, call a wasp exterminator as soon as possible.

What Types of Wasps are found in Orrell Park?

There are several types of wasps in Orrell Park. The popular ones include the Common Wasp, German Wasp, and the infamous hornet. However, there are a few harmless types, such as the Giant Wood wasp and Solitary wasp. Wasps are bright yellow with black lines on the wings and abdomen. Their length varies with style, but most of them are between one or two centimetres. The wasps are more aggressive during the end of summer when the queen leaves for hibernating until the next cycle. A nest can house hundreds of these nasty bugs at a time. There could also be several nests in a single location.

Wasps make their nests from wood and bits of dried grass. These give the nests a lightOrrell Park Wasp Nest Removal brown to dull-white look. The nest is usually a few centimetres long and looks like a ball of yarn when setting it up. However, it may grow over a foot long over time as wasps breed and activities increase. At first, the nest looks like a ball hanging on a surface. However, as it grows bigger, it becomes elongated like a cone.

Where Do Wasps Hide Their Nests?

Wasps can hide their nests in any location that is sheltered from the rain. You often find papery cones in areas such as:

  • In the attic,
  • Under furniture and fixtures such as wardrobes and cabinets
  • Under the roof
  • Below gutters

There is a myth that wasps are docile when it is cold out there. However, you are likely to be stung even in the evening. Therefore, do not attempt to get rid of the wasp nest even at night. Luckily, our teams are available for extermination even at night.

Seek Professional Wasp Control Services

Orrell Park Wasp Nest RemovalNever attempt to get rid of a wasp nest on your own with sticks or other crude weapons. Likewise, you should not try to smoke them or start a fire below the nest. None of the methods works. You also increase the risk of starting a fire at home. As noted earlier, wasps are very aggressive and are likely to sting you in large numbers. They have been known to cause several swelling that led to the blockage of the airways or allergic reactions. Even a single sting is excruciating, and the node may take days to subside. Rather than risk the safety of your family members, call our hornet and wasp control team to handle the pests.

Orrell Park wasp nest removal teams have the knowledge and the proper personal protective equipment to get rid of wasp nest hanged at any part of the house. Our teams have a reputation for prompt, quality extermination service done professionally so that your home is not left in a mess. We conduct a thorough check at all possible corners to ensure that no single nest is left out. In addition, a wasp exterminator is available around the clock to deal with the wasp problem at any moment.

How Much Is the Orrell Park Wasp Nest Removal Cost?

From years of pest removal experience, we know that the extent of wasp infestation differs from one place to another. Therefore, setting a fixed wasp nest removal cost for the hornet and wasp control services is theOrrell Park Wasp Nest Removal best option. We calculate the wasp nest removal cost depending on the needs of our clients. However, our pricing is reasonable and comes with a guarantee of quality service. So, do not hesitate to call us next time you find wasps at home.