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Newton-Le-Willows Mice Control

Mouse NestAny home can become the subject of an unwelcome infestation if a rat or mouse can gain entry. Unfortunately, these resilient pests can squeeze through tiny gaps in a mortar, make use of pipes that enter or leave your home and even sneak in through patio doors and open windows. Once inside, they are adept at finding a quiet, unfrequented place in which to breed. Within weeks, you can see that a mouse or two has multiplied to become a significant mice infestation which can cause numerous health and safety problems in your household. Detailed below are just a few of the issues mice infestation can cause.

Mice Infestation Spreads Dangerous Diseases
Mice are proven carriers of several unpleasant diseases, including salmonella and meningitis. In addition, mice infestation brings other dangerous pests, including ticks that live on the mice but are carriers of everything from Lyme disease to typhus. Various infections can be passed via mouse urine and faeces and direct contact with the animal itself. As the mice will travel over furniture, work surfaces, crockery, food and cooking utensils in their search for food, there is a real risk of contracting one of these potentially life-threatening illnesses if you have a mouse infestation.

House mouse, Mus domesticusNewton-Le-Willows Mice Control resolves substantial Fire Risk.
Not only are rodents carriers of nasty diseases, but they are also inveterate chewers that can gnaw through everything from skirting boards to electricity cables. Dangerous partially severed cables present a high risk of both electrical malfunctions of your household items as well as increasing the chances of a house fire. Signs of infestation include the presence of mouse droppings, noticing that food has been tampered with, hearing suspicious noises, particularly at night and seeing mice scampering across floors or furniture.

Use Experts for Mouse Removal
If you suspect your home has been invaded, it’s essential to seek prompt, expert assistance. The mice are unlikely to leave of their own accord, and their prolific breeding habits mean that their numbers increase the longer they are left undisturbed. Trying to remove the mice yourself is not only frequently unsuccessful, but if their nest is disturbed, mice become highly agitated. They won’t hesitate to bite, potentially infecting their victim with one of the diseases they carry. In addition, nests are full of bacteria, ticks and other dangerous residues, which is highly hazardous if disturbed. Therefore, professional Newton-Le-Willows mice control is almost invariably the best option.

Newton-Le-Willows mice control experts will have the right tools and suitable equipment to do a safe, complete removal job quickly and effectively. Usually, only one visit is required to remove both the nest and the rodents, solving the problem successfully with minimum inconvenience to the household. Newton-Le-Willows mice control professionals will also be able to give advice on the best way of mouse-proofing your home, minimising the risk of another infestation at a later date. For permanent and effective Mice Control, call Young’s Pest Control now.