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One of the primary reasons a Hoylake pest control service will be contacted the types of damage that various forms of wildlife can cause to a property. Of course, the effects that are seen will be as varied as the pests themselves. However, without prompt treatment, minor damage can escalate into a major headache. Although much of the focus on insects, birds, rodents and other forms of wildlife focuses on the risks that they pose to humans, we should never forget that millions of pounds in damages occur each year due to their invasive presence. So, what effects can such instances have upon a home? Let us take a closer look.

Brown RatStructural Damage

This is the most common type of damage that is perceived. For example, nesting birds can cause joints and shingles to become dislodged from a home's exterior, potentially leading to water damage and rot. In addition, rats can chew through wires, and mice are known to live inside a home's walls. While the damage that they cause is substantial, we should never forget that these animals are unsanitary by their very nature. Thus, faeces and dead vermin are also likely to be encountered. If a Hoylake pest control service finds a great deal of either, entire portions of a home may have to be gutted and replaced.

Land Damage

Of course, the threats encountered go far beyond physical effects on a home. Rodents and mammals can also cause catastrophic damage to a garden. It is well-known that burrowing moles can incur thousands of pounds in repairs to a well-maintained lawn. Without proper treatment, hares and rabbits are prone to eat any plants that may be present. The fox can prey upon smaller pets that may roam about a garden. At Youngs Pest Control, we provide 24-hour responses to any such threat. Taking a firm and resolute stance against such nuisances is the only way to mitigate the chances of damage occurring on any property.

Our Hoylake pest control service will address the problem with a committed and professional attitude, assuring that these creatures will no longer pose a danger. However, if you suspect that you may have fallen victim to any such circumstances, do not hesitate to call our 24-hour helpline or fill out our pest booking form. In the world of pest control, there is no such concept as "second best".

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