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Young’s Pest Control is a leading provider of all aspects of pest control in the Wirral area.

We are a family run business and pride ourselves on being highly trained and members of The National Pest Control Association and The National Pest Control Association.

We have years of experience dealing with the following Wirral pest control issues – to name but a few:

  • Wasp, Bee and Hornet Removal and Nest Removal
  • Rat and Mice Eradication and Control
  • Fleas, Bed bugs and other biting insects
  • Cockroach infestations

If you suspect you have any of these pests in or near your property then your first course of action should be to call us.

You might hear scratching or crawling noises coming from various areas within your home – within the walls, the roof space, under the floor. This can be caused by a number of pests but most commonly will be rats, mice or indeed a wasp or beehive depending on the noise.

Any of these pests must be dealt with quickly as they can all do damage to your property – rats and mice will gnaw at anything and everything to make their own homes and to keep their teeth in check (rats teeth can grow 5 inches per year!). In fact, the word ‘rodent’ derives from the Latin ‘Rodere’ which means ‘to gnaw’.

Bees and wasps are also a danger to your property (and of course to you!) as they build their structures on beams etc adding unnecessary weight. A wasp nest is in fact made by the wasp chewing wood to make the papery substance needed.

The thought of any pest invading your home can be daunting and disgusting – but leaving the job to us means you can be rid of them – for good – quickly, efficiently and discretely.