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Professional Crosby Mice Control to Prevent Mice-borne Diseases

Most people call in Young’s Pest Control for Crosby mice control because mice damage furniture, clothing, wiring, and other items and fixtures in the home. In contrast, others do it because mice are appetite killers and have an infestation problem is embarrassing. However, we believe the main reason why you should call us when you have a mouse infestation problem is that mice spread several diseases, some that are fatal.

Mice-Borne Diseases

House mouse, Mus domesticusSalmonella
Mice are among the most frequent carriers of Salmonella. The disease spreads to humans following contact with mouse droppings. At Young’s Pest Control, we give you tips on ensuring mice do not infect your food and water supply. The disease causes gastroenteritis which is sometimes fatal. You should also note that pets are also infected with this disease.

Murine Typhus Fever
When mice are infected with typhus, flea bites can lead to transmission to humans. Although antibiotics treatments work, infirm and elderly individuals are at risk of death. In addition, you get such symptoms as cough, fever, vomiting, and headache from the disease.

This bacterium is usually spread through skin contact when you have broken skin and through contact with mouse saliva. Symptoms include vomiting, jaundice, muscle pains, headaches, fever, and chills. Crosby mice control is essential because this disease usually can cause kidney damage, liver damage, and respiratory problems.

LCM (Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis)
This is a viral disease that presents itself as encephalitis and aseptic meningitis. The condition is usually not fatal, but you should avoid the symptoms by doing mouse removal. Crosby mice control is also essential because LCM is infections.

Bubonic Plague
Although this disease is mainly associated with rats, mice are sometimes infected with this plague. When fleas bite infected mice, they can spread the plague to humans. Crosby mice control is essential because Bubonic plague is usually fatal, with death occurring only a few days after infection.

Rat-bite Fever
Although this disease is usually spread by rats, the bacterium that causes the disease is sometimes found in mice. If untreated, the condition has a 10% fatality rate. As the term suggests, you get the infection from mice bites. You can also contract the disease from food that is urine contaminated.

HPS (Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome)
HPS is an often fatal disease caused by contact with mice infected with the virus or with their droppings or urine.

Hymenolepis genus tapeworms are small tapeworms found in mice. These tapeworms can be spread to humans who consume foods that are contaminated by mice droppings.

Mouse eating breadOther mice-borne diseases include:

• Encephalomyocarditis
• Pseudorabies
• Trichinosis
• Q Fever
• Tularemia
• Toxoplasmosis

You should call us even when there are no visible mice infestation signs because we have the training and the experience necessary to know where mice hide. Keep in mind that contact is not always needed to get infected with mice-borne diseases. Crosby mice control is essential because breathing contaminated air can cause such diseases as HPS and Hemorrhagic Fever.

Given that most of these diseases are caused by contact with mice and their droppings and urine, professional Crosby mice control is essential because we have the necessary personal protective equipment for the job.