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Professional Litherland Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusWhen you think about the various pests that can afflict your property, a number of species come to mind. You might think of rats, moles, squirrels, bees or even ants. However, for many people, the thing that causes the most worry and concern is the thought of a mice infestation. If you discover that you actually have such a thing, it's all too easy to start panicking and believe that you'll be stuck with the misery of these pests for the foreseeable future.

Stop! While mice infestation is indeed a serious concern, you really don't need to panic. Young's Pest Control is here to help.

It's important to realise that calling in a professional company with experience in Litherland mice control is vital. This will ensure that your home is entirely cleared of mice and that – just as importantly – it is checked to make sure you are protected against future incursions. Our comprehensive Litherland mice control service is available at as little as one hour's notice, whenever you need it. We serve properties all over Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire, so you know you're calling out a company big enough to cope but local enough to care.

Why mouse control matters

Mouse control is something that should always be taken seriously. Although there are several native species of mice, some of these tend to be confined to woods and fields, so will pose relatively little threat of mice infestation. However, there are three species which are of the most serious concern. These are:

  • Mouse NestHouse Mouse – as its name implies, this species is the most likely cause of mouse infestation. Despite their small size (they measure about 8 centimetres in length and weigh around 20 grams) House Mice breed so quickly that their numbers will increase enough to cause serious problems. Since they are good climbers, they often end up in lofts and attics.
  • Field Mouse – these mice are about the same size as House Mice, but have yellow rather than grey fur and are less likely to enter homes. However, they can pose a considerable problem in garden sheds and similar buildings, especially if these are being used to store seeds. They are also very fond of fruit, so farmers will certainly need the services of a mice control service.
  • Yellow-necked Field Mouse – this species is a little more likely to come into homes than Field Mice. Their most serious threat is their tendency to chew through electric wires. This can have dangerous results, making it extremely important that a professional Litherland mice control firm is employed quickly to clear the property of mice.

If you notice the tell-tale signs of a mouse problem, such as gnawing sounds behind walls, tooth marks on food packets or mouse droppings, don't despair. Instead, pick up the phone and call Young's Pest Control. Our comprehensive and discreet Litherland mice control service will help you to rid your property of pests and make sure that they don't come back.