24-Hour Broadbottom Rat Control Treatment


Effective Litherland Rat Control Treatments

Brown RatYoung's pest control provides efficient Litherland rat control services at the lowest possible prices. All Young's Pest Control treatments are fully guaranteed and 100% safe. Our rat removals are carried out by professionally qualified rat control technicians. Our experience in treating rat infestations is second to none. We can remove any rat population no matter the location or size.

Why You Need A Professional Pest Control Service

Only professional pest controllers with experience in eliminating rats should ever attempt to destroy a Litherland rat infestation. Rats can spread serious diseases through their urine which coats the belly. Rats may also have fleas which can also transmit diseases from infected rats to humans. These fleas can jump up to 200 times their body size and is another reason why you should not try to approach the rat.

In order to eliminate rat infestation the correct clothing, pest control treatments and industrial rodenticides are required. Store bought pest control treatments may be ineffective and can target other species on the property. A qualified pest control technician can determine the best pest control treatment to get rid of rats inside your home. They will also safely dispose of the rat carcasses after the treatment has been applied.

Why Rats Are More Of A Problem As The Weather Gets Colder

Rat infestations are frequently a problem during the colder months of the year. Rats will try to find refuge inside of buildings. They will also be attracted by food and available water sources. Because of the overflow in waste produced by human populations rats may be becoming bigger and more hardy. This means that eliminating rat populations can be challenging. A qualified Litherland rat control technician will be able to evaluate which pest control treatments are working and which are not.

Rats Breed Rapidly

ratRats can also breed very quickly. This means that a small rat problem can fast become a major infestation. It takes about 12 to 16 weeks from birth for rats to reach sexual maturity. Rats can typically produce 5 to 10 young in their litter and 3 to 6 litters a year. Unlike many other animals, rats do not have a limited season when they are in heat. Female rats can be in heat throughout the year. This allows them to produce a large amount of offspring.

If you believe that you have rats on your property and you don't want to delay applying a pest control treatment. You need to get rid of the rats as soon as they have been identified. Call Young's pest control and we can send one of our Litherland rat control technicians to your property in an unmarked, discrete vehicle. They will work to determine the best way of efficiently and safely get rid of rats from your home.