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Woodford Pest Control 

Is pest infestation making your stay in Woodford

Woodford pest control workerAre the pests making your life a nightmare? Young’s Pest Control has the solution to your unending problems as we offer professional control services to commercial and residential customers in Woodford.


 Why choose our services

 • Good reputation – Our company has a good reputation as we offer high-quality services that foster permanent elimination of pests from business premises and homes. Our clients give positive feedback concerning our services and we enjoy a positive rating check on the online platforms. 

 • Liability insurance – The Young’s Pest Control enjoys full liability insurance which assures our client not only quality services but also a long-term commitment.

 • Booking opportunities – clients are offered an array of booking opportunities on our online site and in our physical store. Available booking slots include weekends, evenings, holidays, and weekdays.

 • Human safety - Young’s Pest Control works in accordance with the Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH) when offering pest control services. This ensures the safety and health of property owners are protected.

 • Service diversification – the company provides a full-service treatment for three months as well as a one-off treatment to its clients.


 Form of services offered

 • Pest detection – Woodford pest control firm can timely detect pests invading a premise which allows Woodford mice & rat controlthe expertise to develop control measures with great efficacy. Our company offers surveillance services which give sufficient information on the high-risk areas and pest population levels in a building.

 • Pest prevention – Woodford pest control employs preventive measures that protect clients from harmful insects that pose a threat to public health and cause costly damages on the property. 

 • Pest extermination – The Young’s Pest Control helps in the eradication of pests from private and public premises to avert deterioration and damage of property, control pest-related diseases, and ensure a constant supply of food in Woodford.

 • Pest control advice - The pest control guidance that is offered by our staff is centred on the maintenance for the safety of foods, people’s health, and the protection of property.


 Range of pest controlled 

 • Mice & Rat Control – Though the discovery of the existence of rats and mice in one’s home is

Woodford mice & rat control distressing, the Young Pest Control can use that information to help you live comfortably in your premise. The company provides humane treatments and ensures the safe disposal of toxic mice & rat control products.

 • Wasp Nest Removal Treatment – Wasps establish their nests in a sheltered location such as shops, wall Woodford Yellow Jacket Wasp nest removalcavities, and garages in which they have easy access to the surroundings. Though wasp nests are difficult to identify, our company can offer wasp nest removal treatment which encompasses locating and terminating them inclusive of the queen.

 • Bird’s control – Are you having unwanted seagulls, Woodford bird controlpigeons or other avian animals around your premises? The Young’s Pest Control can eliminate all types of unwanted birds in your home or business through environmentally friendly techniques.

• Honey Bee Nest Removal – Our expertise can
access a colony, and determine the time a honeybee Woodford Honey Bee Hive removalcolony is in situ, and eliminate honey bees from a building at an affordable price. Notably, our team uses non-toxic methods to remove honeybee colonies.

 • Insect Control – Cockroaches tend to live in damp and warm buildings where food supply is sufficient, Woodford Cochroach controlwhich may range from bed crumbs to food left in the kitchen sinks. On the other hand, fleas are brought into a house by animals and people. Beg bugs are carried into a building through furniture and luggage. Despite the source of pests in a building, our company has the aptitude to locate, eradicate, and prevent them from coming back.


 Young’s Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies in Woodford who offers superior services to homeowners and business operators. We Woodford Pest Control Servicesprovide environmentally-friendly and health-protective services to a wide client base including warehouses, restaurants, entertainment joints, offices, residential properties among other premises. Therefore, it is not too late to eradicate the exasperating pests in your premises, call us now to seek advice from our expertise and to acquire timely services.

We cover all pests in Woodford. Here's an example of a few Pest's Below:

Mice Control

Rat Control

Wasp Nest Removal

Bumblebee Nest Removal