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Professional Wigan Flea Treatment

Cat and dog fleasFleas are very small insects that feed on the blood of mammals and birds. They are parasites with mouthparts adapted to sucking blood from living creatures. There are different species of fleas that attack different animals, though they all have the capacity to suck blood from any creature. In the UK, cat fleas and dog fleas cause the maximum problems.

If your pet has fleas, then beware of a flea infestation in your home. Fleas are remarkable for travelling long distances within a short time and they could easily take refuge in damp spots within the home, bury themselves into furniture and carpets and wreak havoc. Until Wigan flea treatment techniques are undertaken throughout the home and surroundings, fleas remain a danger.

Some known facts about fleas

-> Fleas are parasitic creatures and feed on blood from various sources. The female requires blood to enable her to lay eggs.

-> Fleas can jump very high, and are one of the highest jumping animals in the world.

-> Fleas thrive in a warm and moist atmosphere. The eggs hatch quickly if the climate conditions are appropriate, otherwise, they can remain in the pupa for up to even one year. This is one reason why flea control is very tricky and requires experts.

-> The larvae eat the droppings of the fleas in order to thrive.

Symptoms of a flea infestation

Flea-> If your pet cannot stop scratching, it is a very strong indication that it might have been infested by fleas and you should immediately get it checked.

-> Wall to wall carpeting, warm temperature and moist spaces in the home makes for an excellent breeding ground for fleas. If your pet is anxious and appears irritable, then check these conditions, because the fleas might not always be seen on the pet.

Why fleas are dangerous

-> Fleas can jump from one creature to another very quickly and spread through a vast area in a very short time in this manner. This makes it hard to eradicate them without expert Wigan flea treatment techniques.

-> Fleas carry the bacteria causing diseases like the plague and typhoid and can infect human beings and pets alike, They are a source of illness and Wigan flea treatment must be done for overall hygiene and health issues.

-> Fleas can cause allergy to both humans and pets, leading to skin rashes and large welts. Pets might shed their skin because of the allergy and the subsequent infection.

Flea control and prevention

Your Wigan flea treatment strategy should include identification, cure, control, and prevention. it is helpful to first identify the species of flea, so that the proper Wigan flea treatment may be provided. Your pets must be thoroughly treated with the help of a vet. Young's Pest Control is well equipped to deal with flea fumigation. This will prevent fleas from returning year after year and ensure a healthy and safe environment for you and your pets.