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Horwich Cockroach Control Experts

Nothing can close the hospital or a restaurant faster than the sight of a single cockroach. There is a good reason for that, read on to discover more about cockroaches and why it is vital to get Horwich cockroach control underway as quickly as possible whether they are making an appearance in your home or business.

Six Diseases They Can Cause or Carry

AsthmaGerman Cockroach
Salmon Allah

Five Signs You Have an Infestation

Turn on the light in the middle of the night to see a live cockroach
Egg casings
Shed skin
Droppings, although they are quite small and black
Groups of them can have an unpleasant smellDead cockroaches
Damage to your books, leather, furnishings

The Three Types of Cockroaches in the United Kingdom

American cockroach
German cockroach
Oriental cockroach

American Cockroaches

These cockroaches have been called Water bug or Palmetto bug but whatever they're called they are fairly large. They are generally brown/red with yellow below the head. The adults can be 4 cm long and seven MM to all. American cockroaches are wingless. Their antenna is long and calls curl the length of their bodies, while the legs are furry and almost tarantula-like.

You may find that egg sacs it in tiny cracks. If babies can take a full year in order to grow to mature adult stage. Offer their one-year lifespan to female can produce more than 150 eggs. Cockroach treatment by our professionals is the best way to handle your Horwich cockroach control situation before it gets much bigger. Don't let a cockroach control you - cockroach pest control by Young's Pest Control is easier than you think - you can ring us up 24/7.

German Cockroaches

Cockroach closeupThe opposite of American cockroaches, German cockroaches can be up to 1.6cm. These two are brown but a dark shade which could be mistaken for black. What sets it apart is a parallel pattern of dark streaks from head to the base of wings - and by the way, the German cockroach has wings although it can't fly.

Oriental Cockroaches

Larger than the German cockroach, the American one is usually 2.5 to 3 centimetres in length. It looks similar to the German and Oriental cockroach but has wings which are tiny and functionless. Its young can take around two months to hatch from the egg stage, and like the American cockroach are held together in cracks and dark places by a sticky substance from the female.

All of this is more information than you will need to remember because in the end for your Horwich cockroach control you will want to dial Young's Pest Control - just ask our customers!