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Professional Stretford Mice Control

Mouse NestThe house mouse may not appear to be something that can be a substantial problem, but often this is not the case. There are serious risks associated with a mouse infestation, which could be the case that a Stretford mice control service should be brought in. Many people will ultimately attempt to solve the issue themselves, but the fact is that the problem can be more complex than the homeowner may initially believe; Stretford mice infestation control services from professionals are the safest options.

Young’s Pest Control is your solution for Stretford mice control services. With Young's, the homeowner can rest assured they are getting a professional and effective team to put their home back to how it ought to be. With years of industry experience, the teams know exactly how to safely and efficiently remove the infestation.

The signs of mice infestation can be identified with relative ease. Gnawing is the common symptom of a problem and gets more severe with a worse mice infestation. Serious damage to woodwork and cabling is also prevalent, while their droppings will soon create a foul smell which could attract others. The risk of fire and water damage is equally true and very much a real possibility, due to the requirement to gnaw. In this way, a professional Stretford mice control team will be best placed to identify these issues and remedy the situation. Left unchecked, there could be a potentially worse scenario with disease-carrying rodents and bugs. It should be noted well that the mice infestation, or even a singular mouse infestation, could bring the following diseases to a home:

  • Salmonella
  • Lyme Disease
  • Hantavirus

Mice excel at being able to fit into smaller areas. Bait traps with cheese are not actually an effective method. So with this in mind, applying cartoon-based ideas for mouse control is not an effective methodology that is better left to professional Stretford mice control teams.

The small size of the house mouse means that it is ideally placed to hide in smaller places out of human sight and contact. In this way, by the time the residents have spotted any sign of mice, there may already have been the possibility of breeding occurring. It would be in the interests of everyone that lives in the home to spot them, and have them removed before breeding takes place, as they have:

  • House mouse, Mus domesticusLitters of 4-15, with a total on average of 6-9 litters in a year,
  • A waiting period of 7-11 weeks after birth for breeding to start again,
  • With a gestation period of only 3 weeks

Their living habits are:

  • Eating 2-4g of food over a 24-hour time frame
  • Surviving with minimal water intake,
  • with the Possibility of drinking up to 4ml of water per day

Mice can contaminate the area of the home where food is prepared and eaten. Therefore the use of professional Stretford mice control services is the most appropriate way to ensure that your home is safe and rodent-free.