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Professional Oldham Flea Treatment

Cat and dog fleasGetting fleas off your pet is only part of the problem. In fact, most of the fleas living on your pet are adults which only make up 5% of the population. The other 95% are eggs, larva and pupa and more likely to be on the ground than on your pet. Immature fleas can live in bedding, carpets, rugs and mattresses, or hide in the cracks of wooden flooring. Eggs, if laid in the host's fur, usually fall off and hatch in the places it rests, eats and sleeps. Please avoid any DIY pesticides, they are futile, only a professional call solve your problem.

What starts as a flea problem on a pet may turn into a chronic flea infestation of your home, in very little time. The fleas your pets brought into the house do not necessarily need your pets to survive. Research has shown that they can live off of you, even if they can't live on you for lengths of time. Research has proved that Cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) may produce eggs if they feed on human blood for 12 hours.

Flea physiology

Fleas owe their impressive jumping ability to an elastic protein on the lower sections of their back legs called resilin. Their feet have hooks on them that anchor them to the ground so that they may transfer the energy released by the resilin earthwards, to propel them skywards. The ability of these insects to leap with force enables them to access hosts and escape from adversaries with ease.

Anyone who has experienced fleas will know that they are not just difficult to catch but a challenge to kill as well. A flea is near impossible to crush between the fingers and usually needs to be squashed against a substance harder than human flesh. A flea's incredible toughness is due to the armoured plates, called sclerites, that cover its laterally narrow, streamlined body.

Removing fleas from your home

FleaPeople affected by fleas will often be aware of their activity. The itching, tickling or stinging sensations on the extremities are good signs that the parasitic insects are feeding or preparing to feed on you. Vigilance means they can be detected a lot of the time and, if you are lucky, caught and killed. Vigilance cannot be a 24-hour thing, however, and they will feed on you when you sleep. Only professional Oldham flea treatment ends the scourge due to complete flea removal.

A flea infestation is so difficult to end because the only fleas doing the biting are the minority of adults. Most do-it-yourself remedies only tackle adult fleas, leaving the immature fleas to come of age and become biters themselves. Successful flea removal is only achievable through professional Oldham flea treatment, usually involving flea fumigation, that exterminates the entire flea population during all stages of the lifecycle.

Flea fumigation is one of the most effective methods of flea control but should be left to professional Oldham flea treatment services to perform. The rodenticides used in flea control are dangerous and professional practitioners know best how to use them.