Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Fast Prestwich Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

As we approach the height of summer more and more wasps are seen buzzing here and there, in between attempting to taste the kid's jam sandwiches or buzzing annoyingly around your head.

There are over 250 species of wasp and hornet resident in the British Isles. Most cause little trouble being a quite solitary insect, with just a handful falling into the social or colony category. The common wasp and European hornet are two which fall into this group and likely to require Prestwich wasp control.

wasp nest removalAlthough appearing very similar to the untrained eye, the hornet is a slightly bigger insect without the distinctive anchor seen on the face of the wasp.

Should you notice there appears to be a regular increase in the number of wasps you see flying back and fore, it may well be time to consider Prestwich wasp control. Watch where they go, are they disappearing into a hole in your house brickwork, into the eaves of your house roof or buzzing continuously around the entrance to the garden shed?

Wasp Removal

Somewhere will be the nest, now is the time for Prestwich wasp nest removal treatment before the problem grows with the ever increasing number of young worker wasps leaving and returning to the nest.

Contact Young’s Pest Control Company: This is not a job for the DIY expert with a can of spray from the local supermarket. Cans of spray as they say...don’t do it. By now the nest will already be home to many hundreds of wasps, another couple of months could see that number growing to thousands.

While you’re busy frantically spraying the two nearest your face hundreds of others will be leaving the nest to vigorously defend it. Being able to sting multiple times fifteen or more stings often requires a fast visit to the local hospital. An emergency situation arises should a family member be allergic to stings and bites.

For safety’s sake, Young’s Prestwich wasp nest removal treatment engineers should be called in. Equipped with all the necessary protective clothing and the right insecticides and tools for the job they will safely and speedily remove or destroy the nest with no danger to yourself or family.