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Prestolee Pest Control 

 Here is the truth. Your home might look tidy and appealing to the eye, but pests will still find a way to your place. Insects, Bugs, and rodents are some of these pests which will invade your living space because of the warmth and food your living space provides.

 The place you call your home is like a grocery store to some of the common pests. If these pests are not Prestolee Pest Controldealt with in time, they may cause illnesses and unknown damages to your home. There is a need for professional pest control and here is where Young’s Prestolee pest control comes in. Young's pest control treats several types of pests, for example, wasp nest removal treatment, Mice and Rat Control, Bed Bug Control, Ant infestation removal, Grey Squirrel Control, Honey Bee nest removal, Woodworm removal, and a Flea treatment.

 Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

 Removing wasp nests can be a very risky undertaking. Wasp may feel threatened inside the Prestolee wasp nest removalnest and will often become aggressive to the person doing it. This might make them sting you as they protect their nests and young ones. What you need to get rid of wasps is not removing the wasp nest but treating it together with the nesting wasps. To limit the chance of stings for you and your family, arrange for a licensed wasp nest treatment. This successful remedy will remove wasps and keep you safe from the danger of stings.

 Wasp removal requires professional treatments, mostly the mature nest wasp found in the late summer due to its high risk of wasp stings. A nest can contain a certain number of individual wasps at this stage.

 At Young’s pest control we give a full wasp control solution.

 Our accredited trained technicians can identify specific species.

 All our technicians have personal protective equipment to keep them safe when performing their tasks.

 All treatments are designed to ensure successful control of the wasp nest, depending on its location.

 We provide professional guidance to help avoid more problems in the future.

 Mice and Rat Control

 Coming across mice in your home or workplace may become very distressing. As mice go round the Prestolee mice & rat controlhouse searching for food and shelter, they may spread diseases as a result, posing risk to human health, especially in food storage and kitchen areas.

 Mice & rat control should be carried professionally in homes and workplaces since they can

 Cause damage to property as they chew on hard things such as wood because their teeth keep growing and they have to hold them down tight, as a result, they end up destroying wooden doors, pipes, insulation and books.

 Contaminate foods mice can spread diseases such as Hantavirus and Salmonellosis through the pathogen found in their urine and faeces.

 Young’s pest control technicians know where mice and rats can hide. They understand the dangers, and they can detect even the slightest signs of mice around your home or property. As professionals in mice & rat control, our technicians are well trained and have experience with what type of mice you have and what danger they can bring to your place.

 If you happen to see warning signs of mice around your home, it's best to act fast and stay safe. You might have heard their little feet scampering on the walls or running on the ceiling of your house. Don't worry cause you can contact Young’s mice & rat control experts to take care of the problem.

 Bedbugs Control

Prestolee bedbug control Everyone can attest that there is a need for professional pest control when it comes to bedbugs. Bed Bugs can spread quickly and they are difficult to treat. They can even reach an epidemic level if they are not handled professionally. 

 Bed bugs mostly feed on human‘s blood when they are sleeping in bed at night. Its bite is painless, and it will take around 10minutes to feed on you.

 Bedbugs bite might not be harmful to humans but they may cause health problems such as

 Anaemia- due to loss of blood

 Sleep deprivation