Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Moston Wasp Nest Removal

 Hornet and wasp control is not a task to be undertaken by untrained people. While Moston Wasp Nest Removalhornets are relatively rare in the UK, wasps are found in all areas and can lead to a very uncomfortable sting or even an allergic reaction which will require medical treatment. Wasp nest removal cost is a worthwhile investment to keep people safe during the warmer weather period.

Identifying a problem

 During the spring, wasps will start to establish their nests and their activities will often bring them in to contact with humans. Once it is clear that a property is facing a wasp infestation problem, it would be prudent to contact a wasp exterminator to get rid of wasp nests found nearby. Assistance is available for Moston wasp nest removal by employing the services of a professional wasp exterminator.

What does hornet and wasp control entail?

 A wasp exterminator will provide a service to safely eradicate a nest from a property. Wasp nest removal costs will be varied depending on the size of the task and its difficulty. In all cases, the result will be to get rid of wasp nests and so avoid potential conflicts between the insects and humans.

The trained and fully equipped professional Moston Wasp Nest Removalwill locate the nest and identify the problem. There are two main types of wasp found in the UK, the common wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) and the German(Vespula Germanica). As previously mentioned, hornets are quite rare in the UK. To identify a wasp from a hornet it is necessary to know that while they may look similar in size and shape, a hornet has brown and yellow stripes while a wasp has black and yellow stripes.

When the type of pest has been established the removal can take place. This will involve the operator placing a insecticide insecticide in an area where the wasps will take it into the nest as they enter. The nest will then be poisoned and the potential threat of serious stings will be eradicated. 

What are the common locations for wasp nests?

 Wasp nests are established during the springtime in locations around many types of property, both residential and business. Moston Wasp Nest RemovalThe first indication of a problem will be the regular sighting of wasps in the area. An investigation of the site will usually lead to the discovery of the source of the wasps. Common locations for wasp nests to be built include wooded areas where the wasps will build under trees and bushes. Within a property, the wall cavities and eaves may be hosting a nest while other common problem areas may be found in exterior sheds and garages.

Initially, the wasp nest will be quite small, perhaps no more than the size of a golf ball. As the colony becomes more developed the population will rise to between three and five thousand 'worker' wasps and one queen. The size of the nest will increase and may become the size of a football. While workers have a short life span of around three weeks, the queen may live for more than a year. In the early stages of construction, the wasps are less aggressive and consequently easier to deal with.

Avoiding problems with wasps and hornets

 Wasps like nothing more than collecting food from waste bins. Therefore, it is advisable to move such waste bins away from the inhabited part of the property during the warmer weather experienced during the spring and summer. Keeping the bins securely covered will also dissuade wasps from making their home nearby.

Adding 'fly screens' to windows will allow them to be open during the warmer months without allowing flying pests to enter into the living accommodation.

If a wasp nest is found on a property it should be left to the experts to undertake its Moston Wasp Nest Removalremoval. Trying to remove a nest without the correct protective equipment, knowledge and tools may well lead to a very dangerous, and painful, the situation developing. Wasp nest removal costs are always worth it to provide peace of mind and safety for the property occupants.