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Avoid The Swarm with Milnrow Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey Bee swarm in treeIt's the honey bee swarm which can be the biggest danger presented by normally non-aggressive honey bees. Their tendency to swarm, they assemble in larger numbers in one place and afterward relocate to another hive or nest, this can happen when the bees feel threatened or something has made them afraid, and also at the point where they male honey bees are kicked out of the hive to fend for themselves. Male drones cannot sting, however female ones can! Since they don't lose their stingers, this can be an extreme danger for anyone - especially those in higher-risk categories such as those who must carry an EpiPen emergency allergy injection for severe allergies, the elderly, and young children.

Why Don't Males Sting?

Drones do not sting because they are born only to work, impregnate the queen, and work some more. When their purpose is over, the queen and any other females will kick them out of the hive to make their way elsewhere. This is why it is rare for male drones to survive winter, with no nest and food stores they usually die as it gets colder.

How Many Bees?

Ten thousand can be an average number inside a beehive at any given time. Some of those will be the queen, the females, and eggs and larvae. Some will be male drones.

When Are Males Evicted?

Late spring to early autumn - May to October. Some may be needed to regulate the hive temperature, but any without a specific use will be gone. The queen and those bees inside over the winter can survive on their stored foods and enter a sort of hibernation phase.

What To Do If I Have a Honey Bee Nest Removal?

Call Young's Pest Control. We know what to do about your Milnrow honey bee nest removal, your honey bee swarm removal, and honey bee hive removal issues to get the job done with as little fuss as possible.

What About The Protected Bees?

Honey bee on pink flowerUnder the law, honey bees are protected. That law has been made flexible to avoid homeowners encountering dangerous situations and health concerns. If the following apply, you can definitely have your Milnrow honey bee nest removal done and get your honey bee control underway by calling us.

  • Presents a danger to health or security of property
  • Nest near people or buildings
  • Providing a nuisance to the enjoyment of your life at home or work

Young's Pest Control services honey bee swrm removal works. If honey bee control can't be obtained on a first visit, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you won't pay for a second visit.